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From: spbecker <spbecker@××.edu>
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Subject: RE: [gentoo-mips] shmem
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 23:50:23
Message-Id: 430DFE0A@zathras
1 >Great, thanks again for being extraordinarily helpful. Why do you
2 >think I keep asking questions? because I like being told something is
3 >broken?
5 You have been asking questions about this stuff that seem to ignore the fact
6 that we don't support n32.
8 >I want to get this thing working, and I am more than happy to
9 >help out the effort. If no one will tell me what the problem is, then
10 >I'm going to have a hard time fixing it. here, ready?
12 The problem is that none of us have answers for your questions, therefore we
13 *can't* tell you what the problem is. Generally, n32 is so broken that the
14 developer team can't even use it. The multithreaded bug is a horribly painful
15 one that only somebody with good kernel hacking skills can fix, for example.
16 Any other bugs you may hit are just extra broken stuff that add to n32's
17 unusability. Add to that the fact some senior mips kernel and glibc
18 developers have told me that our toolchain and glibc are old enough
19 (relatively speaking) that they are surprised n32 works at all for us. There
20 isn't much we can do about this until newer versions are pushed forward in
21 portage.
23 >I hereby claim
24 >myself as a developer, now will you stop belittling me? I may not know
25 >all that much about the problems here, but I've got time and energy
26 >and I can easily put it someplace else.
28 Fix the n32 multithreaded kernel bug and we'll talk (see
29 Until then, you are just
30 complaining about problems we can't help you with. Furthermore, you started
31 this thread with complaining about your shmem problem, and only additional
32 questioning from Redhatter revealed that it was a n32 specific problem (as so
33 many are when you are playing with unsupported stuff like this). From now on,
34 you need to specify what sort of userland, as well as what kernel version(s)
35 you reproduced it with before we can even begin to help you.
37 -Steve
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