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From: Andrew Finley <afinley@×××××××.edu>
To: gentoo-mips@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-mips] SGI O2 R5000 on initial boot screen freaks out
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 20:40:45
Thanks Steve,
Should this kernel you provided load on the R5000, if it does can I
continue with the gentoo install documentation provided on 
Sorry for the dumb questions, but I'm new at this stuff.

On 16 Nov 2004, Stephen P. Becker wrote:
> Andrew Finley wrote: > > Hi all, > > I got my little R5000 O2 to netboot the ip32-r5k-20040806.img kernel, > > then get the message 7774342+160714 entry:oxfffffffff-a0711020, then > > after a moment my screen completely freaks out, and I have to laterally > > put the power cord. Any ideals what I'm doing wrong? > > > > Thanks for your help I can't wait until my O2 is Otoo. > > > > -Andy > > > > -- > > gentoo-mips@g.o mailing list > > > > > > I think that might be one of Kumba's old netboots that didn't quite work > right. If I'm not mistaken, he has come up with a new way of making > them with an embedded initrd that ActuallyWorks(tm). You might ask him > on our irc channel when he rises from the dead (usually later PM Eastern > time). > > If you just want a kernel only, you can try > for now. It > should work, with the exception of rtc failing. > > Steve > > -- > gentoo-mips@g.o mailing list > >
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