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From: Karl-Johan 'Creideiki' Karlsson <creideiki+gentoo-mips@××××××××××.se>
To: gentoo-mips@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-mips] Emacs in X with toolkits?
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 18:05:15
1 Hi,
3 I've been trying to make Emacs work in X on my SGI Octane. KDE works, Emacs in
4 console mode works, and Emacs in X without toolkits also works, but if I
5 compile Emacs with either Xaw3d or Motif I get segfaults at startup.
7 Looking around a bit, I see this problem reported as early as December 2001[1]
8 and as late as April 2005[2]. Other reports (with backtraces from GDB) are at
9 [3] and [4].
11 The Debian bug report[1] claims that this is due to a bug in a new version of
12 binutils and that it was fixed in January 2002. I have not found any details
13 about this binutils bug.
15 Does anyone have any idea what's going on?
17 1:
18 2:
19 3:
20 4:
22 --
23 Karl-Johan "Creideiki" Karlsson


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