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From: Matt Turner <mattst88@g.o>
To: gentoo-mips@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-mips] Please test SGI mips stages
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 05:04:43
1 Hi,
2 I've completed a round of stages suitable for SGI mips systems.
4 They're available here:
6 In order to use them, you really need to have an existing Linux
7 installation (or BSD, perhaps?) since we don't have any working
8 netboot or CD images. (Please respond if lack of bootable media is
9 preventing you from testing. I really need to know what the demand
10 is.)
12 The stages are all multilib, meaning they support o32, n32 (default),
13 and n64 ABIs. n32 is the default ABI and it gives a rather nice
14 speed-up over the o32 ABI previously used. With multilib, glibc must
15 be compiled three times, so if you have no need for the o32 and n64
16 ABIs, you may switch profiles and on your next glibc build, they'll be
17 removed. Once removed, it's not trivial to get them back. If you wish
18 to switch the default ABI of your system, you should switch to another
19 multilib profile and recompile your system.
21 The mips3 stage is compiled with -mfix-4000 -mfix-4400 so it should be
22 suitable for any MIPS III system using R4xxx CPUs such as the Indigo,
23 Indy, and Indigo2.
25 The mips4 stage is suitable for systems with R5xxx CPUs such as the Indy and O2.
27 The mips4-r10k stage (will be uploaded in a few hours) is suitable for
28 supported R10k systems, such as the Indigo2 and Origin 2xx (and
29 perhaps R10k O2s?).
31 Please test and let me know of your results. If you are unable to test
32 due to lack of boot media, please tell me what kind of systems you'd
33 like boot media to be made for.
35 Thanks!
36 Matt
38 PS: there are a rapidly diminishing number of bugs that prevent MIPS
39 stages from being built without modifying the portage tree. They are
40 listed here:
44 (for r10k stages)
46 If you'd like to help offset the cost of electricity used to create
47 these and future stages, please send me a private email. :)


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