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From: Karl-Johan 'Creideiki' Karlsson <creideiki+gentoo-mips@××××××××××.se>
To: gentoo-mips@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-mips] Emacs in X with toolkits?
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2005 19:54:51
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-mips] Emacs in X with toolkits? by Kumba
On Saturday 26 November 2005 04.36, Kumba wrote:
> Karl-Johan 'Creideiki' Karlsson wrote: > > Hmm. While I was writing that, the build of glibc with > > binutils- failed with: > > > > {standard input}: Assembler messages: > > {standard input}:765: Error: symbol `__divdi3' is already defined > > {standard input}:830: Error: symbol `__moddi3' is already defined > > {standard input}:905: Error: symbol `__udivdi3' is already defined > > {standard input}:934: Error: symbol `__umoddi3' is already defined > > make[2]: *** [/var/tmp/portage/glibc-2.3.5-r2/work/build-default- > > mips-unknown-linux-gnu-linuxthreads/csu/divdi3.os] Error 1 > [...] > Whether this is a glibc or binutils bug, is, however, uncertain. There's a > new glibc-2.3.6 in portage -- that might be worth a shot if you're feeling > brave.
This bug seems to have been fixed in glibc-2.3.6-r1 (see 5090_all_divdi3-asm-fix.patch in <>). glibc-2.3.6-r1 tried to apply a broken patch (reported for in bug #105136), but with that patch removed it built using binutils- The self tests failed immediately, though. It seems to be binutils' fault: ld: BFD assertion fail binutils- (whole self test log attached) Installation also fails, with a segfault in glibc-2.3.6-r1/work/build-default-mips-unknown-linux-gnu-linuxthreads/elf/sln (see the other attached log). -- Karl-Johan "Creideiki" Karlsson


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