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From: Kumba <kumba@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-mips] Question - Kumba LiveCD RC6
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2007 06:55:15
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-mips] Question - Kumba LiveCD RC6 by "J. Scott Kasten"
1 J. Scott Kasten wrote:
2 >
3 > [1] From looking at other configs there, and having just walked through
4 > the 2.17.10 config process, it looks like the alsa mips ip32 sound
5 > device has been disabled. I cannot even select it in 2.17.10. I was
6 > wondering what the status of this driver was. Judging from submitted
7 > configs, it looks like people had been enabling it at 2.16 or earlier.
9 O2 doesn't have a working sound driver. I dunno what the alsa mips thing is,
10 but it's probably dead code. A few people have, apparently, created a working
11 sound driver, but they've never released the source, so, it's kinda like Duke
12 Nukem Forever.
14 The only known driver was designed in the old 2.5 days and 2.6.1 timeframe, but
15 attempts to forward port it never do too well. It can be compiled, but all it
16 does is make ears bleed with static. Someone with an O2, free time, decent
17 knowledge of sound hardware and kernel development, and a few pots of coffee
18 needs to step forward and help us get the thing to work.
21 > [2] What is the root password for the RC6 CD? :)
22 >
23 > I noticed in the RC6 comments that no-one had tested on the Indigo2,
24 > IP22 arch. I have a headless I2 (formerly extreeme) and will test boot
25 > it sometime this comming weekend.
27 There's isn't one available. LiveCDs run pwgen to auto-scramble the password on
28 bootup, so you have to use sudo to change it.
30 I2 IP22 testing is kinda limited, since my only R4400 motherboard just up and
31 died for no reason. So it's now an IP28 machine (that I haven't managed to boot
32 for a few months now). Plus it and Indy R4K are the only mips3-class machines
33 we still support, and the Indy R4K series have always been a gamble. Especially
34 the R4600.
37 > [3] Has anyone tried Firewire in the O2 PCI slot? I have an ADS
38 > Technologies combo Firewire/USB 2.0 PCI card comming soon. This uses an
39 > ALI chipset. I pulled the USB config from the RC6 CD kernel. I suspect
40 > it won't be much to make the USB portion work. It will be interesting
41 > to see about the firewire. Fortunately Firewire chipsets are more
42 > standardized than USB. I'll report back when I know something here.
44 I haven't, but given that USB2 sometimes works better than the onboard scsi (w/
45 flash drives), it might work. Give it a shot with some common firewire device
46 that hopefully isn't too complicated, and let us know what happens.
50 --Kumba
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