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Subject: [gentoo-mirrors] Update: new hardware behind
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 15:28:05
Message-Id: 20070924172325.3a599f5d@slump.osl
Hello to all,

Some hours ago we have changed our mirrors to the a new machine.
Although the update happened quite smoothly, maybe you have noted the
small downtime. We apologize for any inconveniences you may had. We
hope the new hardware and software setup will make the service more
convenient and reliable.

From the view of the users, all should continue working as before. The
IP address ( and the structure of the mirrors are still
same. If you notice some difference, error os misbehavior, please let
us know.

Amongst the changes, the most important ones include:

 * Hardware upgrade: the FTP is now serviced by a quad-core Dell
   PowerEdge 9600 machine, with 4 GB of memory and 7'5 TB of disk
   space. After system installation with RAID 5, 6'2 TB are
   available for the mirror service.

 * Switched over from Apache to Nginx for the HTTP service. This will
   give a performance boost when the server is under heavy load. We
   detected sluggish behaviour when important releases are done.

 * Now all our machines are located in a dedicated rack in the
   University's datacenter.

We hope this is good news for the mirrored projects, and we are happy
of being able to contribute with all of them.

Best regards,

Oficina de Software Libre
Universidade da Coruña        
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