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From: Ferris McCormick <fmccor@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-nfp] ByLaws: Article IV, Membership.
Date: Sun, 04 May 2008 13:19:58
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Let me say a bit more about what I wrote in 4.7(b) (on termination for

1.  Yes, I know this currently has the same problems with appeals as
I've been raising elsewhere.  Currently, any appeal of such a
termination action would be heard by the people who took the action.
But that is simply because the Foundation right now does not have
enough designated decision makers for anything else.  You will notice
that as it is written, this is not the case.  Let me clarify:  I intend
the "or" clause in the "Board, or ... Officers, or ... agents" to be
exclusive, and I think we should be working towards the "agents" part
- --- think HR department, personnel department, or whatever you call it.

2.  I do not intend by this in any way to discourage discussion or even
arguments.  The board is a corporation whose purpose is to support the
Gentoo Linux project.  It does not exist to support itself --- it
exists as a legal entity. Thus, the sorts of activities I am thinking of
here are those which (a) might jeopardize our Not-for-profit status, (b)
Might cause sponsors to withdraw support, (c) Might cause people within
Gentoo (project or Foundation) or outside Gentoo (the world of computer
users, I suppose) to turn against Gentoo.  Rane's example using a
communication on #ubuntu channel has the potential of hitting all three
of my points.

3.  Otherwise, I am actually less concerned about courtesy among
Foundation members than I am among project members.  We work to support
the project, but I suspect that no matter how we build the Foundation,
the dynamics among us will be different from the dynamics among the
Project members.

It's going to be exciting and a lot of fun.  All of you, please do
speak up.

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