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Subject: [gentoo-nfp] Gentoo Foundation 2009 elections - nominations are now open
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 2009 03:55:22
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Dear Gentoo Foundation members,

We've come again to that time of the year when we need to cast our votes
for the Foundation.

The nomination period started today and lasts until Saturday February
28th. The election polls will be open from Monday March 2nd to Sunday
March 29th. The elected trustees start their term on April 1st.

Details about nominations and election officials follow the President's

Here are some words from the Foundation President, Roy Bamford, about
this election:

- --------------------------------------------------------------------

At the forthcoming trustee election, two of the five seats will be
contested. The other three trustees (NeddySeagoon, fmccor and tsunam)
will remain in office until 2010.

As we had two resignations in the first year it was relatively easy to
determine which two of us would stand down for this election. One of the
vacancies was never filled and dmwaters was appointed to the other.

This is the first election for staggered two year terms that are planned
to help preserve trustee continuity.

The Gentoo Foundation Inc. is first and foremost a legal business
entity. The trustees are legally responsible for the way the business is
organized and run. If you are a minor under New Mexico law, that could
make things difficult, were you to be elected.
- --------------------------------------------------------------------

The election officials for now are Ɓukasz Damentko[1] and Jorge Manuel
B. S. Vicetto[2]. Anyone wishing to become the 3rd election official
should contact us directly. The infrastructure team contact for the
election is Shyam Mani[3]. All officials will keep a daily presence in
#gentoo-trustees and #gentoo-elections for the duration of the election.
You can reach all the officials for this election at the elections[4] alias.
The election officials have published a page[5] with all the information
on the election.

* [1] - rane@g.o
* [2] - jmbsvicetto@g.o
* [3] - fox2mike@g.o
* [4] - elections@g.o
* [5] -

To nominate a candidate, join the gentoo-nfp[6] mailing list. Trustee
nominations are open to the public; voting is limited to eligible
voters. Send all your nominations, acceptances and feedback to the
gentoo-nfp list[7]. Expect a mail from the Foundation Officers about
member details and with more info about this election.

* [6] -
* [7] -

If you have any doubts about the election or any corrections to the page
and lists, contact the election officials.

For the election officials,

- --

Jorge Vicetto (jmbsvicetto) - jmbsvicetto at gentoo dot org
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