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Subject: RE: [gentoo-nfp] Gentoo Foundation Inc Trustees - Adjourned August Meeting
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 00:08:19
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In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-nfp] Gentoo Foundation Inc Trustees - Adjourned August Meeting by "William L. Thomson Jr."
> > I was of the impression that tsunam was to remain acting treasurer, is > > that deprecated? > > A the upcoming meeting I will be putting a motion on the floor calling for > a vote of no confidence.
See below for details but I hope that all involved will reconsider the notion, there seems no solid ground for such a vote.
> > We do need both, but I do think that tsunam will be more than able to > > handle these things, given the level of commitment he has already > > demonstrated over the years. > > But presently he is MIA. > He has the lowest meeting attendance.
Not sure how this is accurate. Reference: The meeting logs only list from March to May but tsunam is present in each meeting.
> Not fulfilling a single treasurer duty. Short of arranging a few minor > payments. > I have watched Joshua not do anything for months > I have 0 tolerance for inaction. More so when I am bearing the weight of > that inaction. Had Joshua done the bank leg work, I would feel different. > But I did all the hard work. All that is needed now is ~30 minutes if > that. Which he clearly does not have.
This does not seem accurate. Wltjr offered to help tsunam with tasks and when he complained about doing it tsunam said he'd take back the work then wltjr made light of the work remaining, essentially declining the offer. All in the lengthy attached file though excerpts are below: Jul 13 12:05:28 <NeddySeagoon> Gentoo Foundation Banking - tsunam ... your turn Jul 13 12:05:43 * wltjr is doing yard work will be in and out Jul 13 12:05:47 <tsunam> Well as we've been discussing about the banking. There's a few options Jul 13 12:06:09 <tsunam> one of which is related to where our outside of the NM address is <followed by discussion of banking options> ... Jul 13 12:34:39 <NeddySeagoon> 217511 The Gentoo Store is Out of Date we still need to fix our own store Jul 13 12:35:07 <NeddySeagoon> The licencing agreement won't do that Jul 13 12:35:34 <fmccor> No, it just lets other people sell Gentoo-branded things. Jul 13 12:36:44 <NeddySeagoon> There are 3 options ... close the strore, run it ourselves or appoint some officers (a store project) to do it. Thoughts ? Jul 13 12:37:07 * musikc coughs and mutters something about have PR assist ... Jul 13 12:39:05 <tsunam> wouldn't need to be a developer, could just be staff and someone recruited for running said store Jul 13 12:39:16 <NeddySeagoon> tsunam, exactly ... Jul 13 12:44:47 <NeddySeagoon> tsunam, Its your solo now ... Treasurers Report for FY ending 30 June 2008 Jul 13 12:45:52 <tsunam> We spent next to no money and have over 80 people donate to Gentoo this year. WE NEED to set a budget for spending money. At least one new server a year for infra as they are still using p3's as core infra boxes Jul 13 12:46:08 <tsunam> as you're aware some of them are really showing age, such as the forums frontend box Jul 13 12:46:28 <tsunam> Taking in money without really spending any is not a benefit to anyone ... Jul 13 14:05:13 <wltjr> NeddySeagoon: I am not, and I am less happy wrt to Gentoo overall now Jul 13 14:05:33 <NeddySeagoon> wltjr, Take a break from the Foundation stuff ... Jul 13 14:06:05 <NeddySeagoon> fmccor, can you pick up the banking stuff ? Jul 13 14:06:28 <fmccor> NeddySeagoon, No; I'm not qualified for that. Jul 13 14:06:35 <tsunam> hand it back to me Jul 13 14:06:45 <tsunam> I'll figure a way to make time ... Jul 13 14:10:30 <fmccor> wltjr, Can you send the forms I sent you to Joshua, or should I send him copies directly? Jul 13 14:10:43 <wltjr> fmccor: I can send, but you all are getting ahead of yourself ... Jul 13 14:10:58 <wltjr> we need to answers to questions to find out if we can even proceed with Wells Fargo ... Jul 13 14:11:20 <tsunam> wltjr: just let me know where you got and I'll follow up ... Jul 13 14:11:54 <wltjr> tsunam: I can call them at least and get answers, which I assume will take ~30 minutes, since they will have to ask a supervisor and are not common/normal questions


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