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From: "William L. Thomson Jr." <wltjr@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-nfp] Section 4.1 Member Classes
Date: Fri, 23 May 2008 02:26:15
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-nfp] Section 4.1 Member Classes by Mark Loeser
On Thu, 2008-05-22 at 22:11 -0400, Mark Loeser wrote:
> > How is this related at all to the current discussion? Perhaps you > should contact the developers that are trying to get Gentoo/FreeBSD > going.
I have directly. My point is, would be nice if we had some infra gear for this. Which unless we buy it, would require someone to donate a machine. So effectively holding back aspects of the project, due to a lack of hardware or gear.
> > > Usually sponsorship or just the improvements they are bound to give back > > > due gpl. We are not doing this for money, you know? > > > > Yes, but we require $ to do what we do now. Gentoo doesn't happen for > > free either. Again with all this time people are giving. If we had no > > where to commit our code then? Or means to email each other like now. > > So are we going to start paying developers too?
No, where did anyone say anything about that?
> Having money for Gentoo > should be to just help out where we can't get sponsors to do so.
Which is allot of places. Who would sponsors a Gentoo conference? Who would sponsor our Gnome devs to fly to any Gnome conventions? Or provide travel grants or reimbursement. Or the millions of other creative things we could do with $ to help further Gentoo along.
> There > is no way Gentoo will ever be able to pay all of its expenses.
Only if you think like that. I have presented several ways we could easily do that. More to come, but the trustees have not begun any official discussions or the like on this matter. So still something to be done down the road.
> I'm not sure if that's what you are going for, but if so, I can't see how it > will ever happen.
Just because you can't see it. Doesn't mean there aren't ways, etc. I just proposed one in this thread. If companies have to pay to become foundation members. That's $ right there, and that's just one of many possible ways.
> > I think we already have clear abuses of volunteers and their time. Not > > sure why you think we are much different or better than them. > > How are we abusing our volunteers and their time?
This is some what an abuse of my time right now. I am not committing code. I am not making progress on the bylaws. I am effectively doing nothing now, but addressing peoples concerns. More times than not in Gentoo when dealing with others I am just wasting my time. It's very sad. Which everyone was quite silent on this list pre January 08. Seems like the more anyone tries to do to improve things for all. The more others have issues with any changes or improvement. Instead of people saying, hey another Gentoo dev has good intentions. People are quick to think and jump to the worst. With no thoughts on toward the potential good that can come out of it all. I did not create the present messes. Just trying to correct and clean up so they do not repeat themselves. Also so the project can continue on, and not risk major set backs by loss of a sponsor, or etc. Which I love how no one comments on the potential catastrophe that still might be looming over us. -- William L. Thomson Jr. amd64/Java/Trustees Gentoo Foundation


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