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Subject: [gentoo-nfp] Foundation Membership Announcement and Application Information
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 22:49:06
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= Official Foundation Announcement =

All Gentoo community members please take note that the Foundation Bylaws
have been changed by unanimous vote of the Trustees. You can find them
at the link below for your reading pleasure.

= Developers =

All Gentoo Developers not currently members of the Gentoo Foundation are
strongly encouraged to join before 11 January 2009 to be eligible to
nominate, vote, and/or stand in the upcoming trustees election.

For developers that desire to join the foundation, we have all the
necessary info available internally, so please simply email
trustees@g.o stating you wish to join.

= Community =

Recent changes to the Foundation Bylaws have expanded foundation
membership to include individuals from the entire Gentoo community. In
the endeavor to facilitate greater community and communication between
the developers and the users of Gentoo and open source software in
general, the Trustees are very pleased to extend an invitation to all
interested individuals to apply for foundation membership.  All
applications will be considered on the basis of merit and the extent of
contribution to Gentoo and/or the Open Source ecosystem. Everyone is
encouraged to apply. Please join us in making Gentoo better than ever!

= Community Foundation Membership Application =

Instructions: Please email trustees@g.o with the following
information, and please place "Foundation Membership Application" in the
subject line of the email.

1. Full name

2. Nickname**

3. Valid email & pgp key fingerprint and key ID for the email you provide.

4. Birthday** (MM/DD)

5. Provide a verifiable description of the work you have undertaken to
further the aims of the Gentoo Foundation Inc. All contributions will
be validated, help us to process your application quickly by including
how we can validate it.

**denotes optional field

Best Regards
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quantumsummers | Gentoo Foundation Secretary

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