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Subject: [gentoo-nfp] Spending money authority
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 02:39:38
When I was thinking again about Gentoo's structure. The relationship of
the Foundation and the Council. I thought of an odd scenario. The
council rules the project, period. No contesting that and I am not
looking to change that.

That said, the Council decides to take some action within Gentoo. That
decision and action requires funding. Now who's hands does the power lie
in? At that point the Trustees, and if they choose not to fund the
request. Then what? Council is denied their supreme authority. Hardly
ideal, and I believe goes against the purpose of the council.

Case in point. Last year for the Florida Linux Show, I had to ask and
get Trustees approval to fund a booth at the show for Gentoo[1]. To me
that seems like a decision that should fall to the Council not the

The only time the Foundation should deny a funding request/order from
the council is if there is not adequate funds available. But it should
not be up to a second body what areas get funded and don't.

The Foundation isn't running the project, why should they be in control
of what money is spent on. Now access and final payment, I think should
still go through the Foundation. But more as acting on the Council's
ruling or decision. Unless it's a totally insane request, there might be
some veto power in the request/order. But really it should not be up to
the Foundation. It's not it's mission to decide those things. Just
oversee and enact.


William L. Thomson Jr.
Gentoo Foundation


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