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From: Daniel Robbins <drobbins@××××××.org>
To: gentoo-nfp <gentoo-nfp@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-nfp] Agenda item: Contacting Eben Moglen
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2018 07:18:12
1 All,
3 I'd like to propose an agenda item of having a trustee reach out to Eben
4 Moglen of the Software Freedom Law Center. He is a fantastic lawyer.
6 I believe that Eben and the SFLC are fully capable of addressing all of the
7 Gentoo Foundation's outstanding issues in a timely manner. I have
8 personally been assisted by Eben and have found him to be an amazing lawyer
9 and found the SFLC to have my best interests at heart. I was never pushed
10 to donate to the SFLC. World-class legal assistance was provided
11 immediately by Eben himself.
13 Robbat2 has raised some concerns about how assistance might be provided on
14 an ongoing basis, like would help from the SFLC continue to be free? Or
15 would they expect payment of some kind? A fair question.
17 They do get funding from other large corporations that are in a better
18 position to donate so they don't absolutely need to be compensated, but
19 based on my experience, they do mention the possibility of donating very
20 gently -- and without imparting any guilt upon the recipient of the message
21 -- suggest it in passing, *after* the assistance is provided. That is all.
22 I have heard Eben's very polite and gentle suggestion for support after
23 very significant legal service was provided for free, with no questions
24 asked, after the legal matter he handled on my behalf had been completely
25 resolved, so I can give you a feel for how that goes.
27 When Eben did mention it, he actually recommended I *not* donate any funds
28 at this time, but consider it some time in the future if my situation
29 allowed it. I consider that to be a very ethical stance and one that I
30 appreciated, since it would have been financially difficult. He of course
31 needs to raise money for the SFLC but his primary mission is to help
32 people. He is very much devoted to helping not-for-profits and just random
33 free software people with various legal issues. The stuff that seem like
34 unsolvable, intractable legal issues to geeks like us are things that he
35 can handle with ease.
37 For not-for-profits, I would guess that after providing a significant
38 amount of gratis legal work to the Foundation, he would also similarly
39 suggest a donation from the Foundation to the SFLC. I would imagine no
40 actual dollar amount would be mentioned, it would be up to the Foundation
41 to decide what it might be comfortable donating. Frankly I think Eben's
42 strategy is to jump in, save the day, and at the end of it all you have
43 such a high opinion of the services provided and are so relieved that if
44 you have some ability to make a donation, you will, because you are so
45 thankful for the assistance and see the value that the SFLC provides to the
46 free software community. That has been my experience.
48 Please, reach out to him. Let's get these chronic Foundation issues fixed
49 once and for all. If we end up making a donation to the SFLC as part of
50 this process, I believe it will be an excellent use of Foundation funds.
52 Best,
54 Daniel