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Subject: [gentoo-nfp] Re: Foundation 2011 election - 20 hours left for nomination
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 04:11:04
In Reply to: [gentoo-nfp] Foundation 2011 election by "Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto"
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> Dear Gentoo Foundation members, > > We've come again to that time of the year when we need to cast our votes > for the Foundation. The Gentoo Foundation[2] is now opening an election > to fill the 2 seats in the Trustees that have reached the end of their 2 > years term, Mathew Summers (quantumsummers) and Robin H. Johnson > (robbat2), and for the seat filled by Joshua Jackson (tsunam) that has > announced his retirement. > > [1] - <link to Roy's email on archives> > [2] - > > The nomination period starts tomorrow, 20110211 0000UTC and lasts until > Thursday March 10th 2359 UTC.
This means there is now a little less than 20 hours left for nominating a candidate and for him / her to accept the nomination by emailing to the gentoo-nfp ml. At this time, to fill the 3 open seats, the following Foundation members were nominated and accepted their nomination: Anthony G. Basile (blueness) Richard Freeman (rich0 - Robin H. Johnson (robbat2) Matthew Summers (quantumsummers) ...
> The election officials for this election will be Patrick Lauer[3], Jorge > Manuel B. S. Vicetto[4] and Alec Warner[5]. All officials will keep a > daily presence in #gentoo-trustees and #gentoo-elections for the > duration of the election. You can reach all the officials for this > election at the elections[6] alias. > The election officials will publish a page with all information about > this election that will be available from the Foundation Archives[7]. > > [3] - patrick@g.o > [4] - jmbsvicetto@g.o > [5] - antarus@g.o > [6] - elections@g.o > [7] - > > To nominate a candidate, join the gentoo-nfp[8] mailing list. Trustee > nominations are open to the public; voting is limited to eligible > voters. Send all your nominations, acceptances and feedback to the > gentoo-nfp list[9]. Be sure to check if you're listed on the list of > members for this election[10]. > > [8] - > [9] - > [10] -
> If you have any doubts about the election or any corrections to the page > and lists, contact the election officials. > > > PS - I take the full blame for the election being opened later than > expected, but I was out at FOSDEM and haven't got back home yet. > > For the election officials, > > --- > Regards, > > Jorge Vicetto (jmbsvicetto) - jmbsvicetto at gentoo dot org > Gentoo- forums / Userrel / Devrel / KDE / Elections
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