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From: Matthew Thode <prometheanfire@g.o>
To: gentoo-nfp@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-nfp] Agenda item: Formalize Gentoo's org structure
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2018 10:24:58
1 Gentoo has been known to be a two headed entity for a while. While the
2 fact is that only one of the heads has legal standing to be called
3 Gentoo, the other head has been doing most of the technical work.
4 Unfortunately having two heads means that there can be fighting between
5 them. In order to finally put the matter to some rest I seek to define
6 Gentoo's org structure.
8 Currently, legally, it only consists of the following:
9 1. foundation members
10 2. trustees
11 3. officers (don't have to be foundation members or trustees)
13 I wish to extend that to the following.
14 1. foundation members
15 2. trustees
16 3. officers (don't have to be foundation members or trustees)
17 3.1 infra members (or at least the lead)
18 3.2 comrel members (or at least the lead)
19 3.3 council members
21 Infrastructure has a clearly defined role in Gentoo. Namely that of
22 managing foundation infrastructure resources. Bringing those members
23 under the foundation's umbrella formalizes this. Infra has previously
24 been fairly nebulous as to who directs them (having been directed by
25 council, trustees and comrel).
27 Comrel has the clear analog of being the HR (human relations). HR
28 is three to protect the business from human related infighting. Comrel
29 was previously under the direction of the council, primarily for
30 historical reasons (the foundation was not well staffed or run until
31 recently). I thank the council for managing this.
33 Council is supposed to be the technical leadership within Gentoo, over
34 the last decade or so this responsibility has ballooned to encompass
35 things out side this scope. This seeks to clearly define the powers of
36 the council to that of technical leadership.
39 One of the drawbacks of this is that being an officer means being an
40 'organ' of the business, meaning that some of the current members may
41 have conflicts with their current job. To this I ask 'Is what you are
42 doing now not vital? If it is doesn't that make you an organ (even if
43 not explicitly stated as such)?'
45 One of the good things about this (other than clearly defining roles and
46 boundaries) is that it allows council members to server as Trustees.
47 This would require a bylaw change, but has been something often
48 complained about.
50 --
51 Matthew Thode (prometheanfire)


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