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Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 20:13:12
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Corey Shields wrote:
| That could get messy.

It shouldn't do.  It's a common enough model, one used by many
professional and trade organisations.

| I would rather if someone wanted something in
| return for giving money we could easily add them to our sponsors page
| and they could then say "hey, look, we're a Gentoo Foundation Supporter!".

/me shrugs.  I think that's a much harder sell, and longer term will
raise less money / hardware / whatever else the Foundation (and the
project) requires.

There's two obvious limitations with it.  For someone to do that, they
have to feel altuistic towards the project.  Or (more importantly) the
manager with the appropriate sign-off limit has to feel altuistic.
Secondly, signing up as a sponsor can be seen as being positioned as a
backer of Gentoo.  Great for companies like Genesi who want to be seen
as backing Gentoo, but again, much more difficult to justify to senior
management in a wider circle of companies.

Buying a membership has a different slant to it.  Companies do it all
the time.  It'd be even better if we could offer some form of
subscription, but right now I can't think of what we could offer in that

| umm that's kinda what we're discussing here..   :)

I must have missed that.  I would have sworn that this thread was about
who could apply for membership, rather than where to go and what to fill
out :P

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