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From: "William L. Thomson Jr." <wltjr@g.o>
To: gentoo-nfp <gentoo-nfp@l.g.o>
Subject: Re: [gentoo-nfp] Section 4.1 Member Classes
Date: Fri, 23 May 2008 03:06:34
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-nfp] Section 4.1 Member Classes by Mark Loeser
On Thu, 2008-05-22 at 22:34 -0400, Mark Loeser wrote:
> > Have any requests for a FreeBSD box occurred?
Not formally. But if that request gets honored. I would have to spend more time doing something I am not interested in.
> Would this actually help development?
Because back in January I started to move from dev-java/serlvetapi to java-virtuals/servlet-api. Which I have been effectively stalled. Due to some packages being keyword for BSD, and others not.
> Is the problem with getting development done a lack of > people, and not a lack of hardware?
This is preventing progress for months. I filed a bug, then later one tried to request it directly to the two remaining doing anything BSD. One of the direct contacts had some humor in it, and the other party reacted to that. Then did nothing to address bug, or my issue.
> I'm rather confident its the former rather than the latter.
What ever way you feel it is.
> You seem very focused on paying for all of the hardware, people's time > is much more expensive.
If you look in archives. I had past thought of people being paid. Others objected, so much that I have completely dropped that. I am not going to waste anymore time looking into possibly paying others to do Gentoo develop. When the others I was looking to have paid first, provided allot of resistance. I can spend my time finding ways to get myself paid through my own company. Not people contributing their lives to Gentoo, and trying to get them compensated there.
> Well, I think the way you have presented in this thread is really silly.
Ok so you don't like my idea or how I presented it.
> Effectively you are saying we will have people pay to become a member of > the foundation so they can "vote".
Who is we? If we is a person or individual, then no $. I was very clear on that. If we is a business, say AMD, Sun, etc. Then they pay and appoint a representative. Who can't be an individual member. I can't state that any clear. Business who could make $ off Gentoo pay to be a member. People don't.
> I have never seen a foundation vote > for some "feature" or anything else occur, and it really will amount to > nothing since features and other requests should go through the council.
What strategic relationships does Gentoo have with any vendors. To get Gentoo certified on that hardware, tested etc. Some gear has come our way in the past. But no strategic relationships like other distros have. Which includes BSD wrt to Java.
> If something actual has technical merit, it will get recognized by > someone.
And if not technical?
> You obviously haven't worked in any sort of company or group.
Yes, and you know me so well. No I am not part of the steering committee for the Florida Linux Show. No I have never worked for big businesses, attended RBCs, etc.
> Addressing concerns of those in a group is a major part of leading any > initiative. Get used to it.
As long as the concerns hold some merit. Also as long as those with the concerns are willing like I. Do do something they don't want to, just to see that it get's done. I would rather not be a trustee. I am only one to see things get done that weren't.
> Have you considered that some of don't consider these to be > improvements?
So nothing is better right? Like the saying goes, Do Something, lead follow or get out of the way.
> > Any open source project could be crippled by the loss of a sponsor.
Not FreeBSD with their $400k. Or the Gnome Foundation with their paid member model. Advisory board member companies pay an annual fee which helps finance the operations of the GNOME foundation. There are two levels for commerical companies. * Small company: 1-49 employees. $5,000 / year * Medium and large company: 50 or more employees. $10,000 / year
> This is the nature of a community supported open source project.
No this is the nature of small projects. I have provided two examples above. There are more out there.
> Maybe if we were Fedora this wouldn't be a problem, but I like that we are > do not have corporate backing, and I hope we stay this way.
That is my intentions. For Gentoo to have it's own funding as a NPO. To never be reliant anyone sponsor, donor, person, corporation, etc. To answer to know one but the cause that is Gentoo's mission. Putting out the best OS in the world. -- William L. Thomson Jr. amd64/Java/Trustees Gentoo Foundation


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