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Subject: Re: FW: [Fwd: [gentoo-nfp] Summary of NFP options]
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 20:13:22
In Reply to: Re: FW: [Fwd: [gentoo-nfp] Summary of NFP options] by Lance Albertson
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Lance Albertson wrote:
| I personally feel that the current model has been doing an adequate job of
| leadership. I know its got its problems, but any setup has its own set of
| problems. I'm with Kurt also that the coop table model could lead to
| I like it now is, you work to earn your rank in Gentoo. I really don't
| the idea of buying your 'rank' to have a say in things. That just puts my
| mentality as "Why should I be putting anything into this if its not
going to
| help me in the long run anyways?". Theres a level of trust and loyalty
that we
| have in our community that I love. I think most devs just want to do their
| work and enjoy it while we do it.

I like Lance's point here..    We need to keep in mind that, although
the current organizational model is not perfect, that we did not get
here by chance and luck.  Gentoo is working, and it's working well
enough to find itself in production everywhere.  We need to keep that in
mind before making radical organizational changes.    However, I'm for
any change that moves us forward, versus the rash of recent
unprofessional fiascos and livecd slips that seem to move us backward..


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