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From: "William L. Thomson Jr." <wltjr@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-nfp] OT Florida Linux Show 2008 call for help
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2008 19:49:36
Last minute notice and call for help.

The Florida Linux Show being held February 11th, 2008, this coming
Monday at University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida. In UNF's
University Center complex.

Due to other events this month, and a shortage of Gentoo devs in the
South Eastern United States. Combined with those near the region having
other obligations and not able to travel to the event. Presently have a
booth staffing shortage.

I will be there, as I initiated the process and reserved the booth. But
Gentoo did pay for it. Gentoo will have a presence there, and I will do
my best to put on a strong and professional appearance for Gentoo at the
show. However I could use some help.

Since no developers other than myself are able to make it to the show. I
figured I would extend the call for help to anyone running or using
Gentoo. That is also a Gentoo evangelist, and is willing to help man the
booth. Answer questions, etc. Must be knowledgeable wrt to Gentoo.

Really would appreciate it. I considered getting a booth for my own
company and staffing that. But for the area and for Gentoo. I decided it
would be best for Gentoo to be there, verses my own company. Although
without some support. Really would feel more comfortable representing my
company by myself, rather than Gentoo. Damn hind site :)

Mostly because I don't think many realize what's going on in this area
business wise. Much less with regard to Linux. Best way I can express
that is using RedHat as an example. RedHat does NOT attend Linux World
Expo anymore, no 06 or 07. RedHat also has their very own, and very
large JBoss world next week in Orlando. Days after the Florida Linux
Show. However despite that, RedHat will have a STRONG presence at the
Florida Linux Show. That is for a reason, and did not happen on
accident. Or because there was no market here.

	FYI Forbes[1] ranks Jacksonville 3[2], and Orlando 4[3]. Jacksonville
uniquely not effect as much by mortgage industry problems.

	If interested in helping, please contact me OFF LIST. I will be
un-subscribing to some like gentoo-user, so won't see replies there. But
do welcome all the help I can get, if any. Much appreciation in advance,
and no worries for all those that want to come, but can't. :)


William L. Thomson Jr.


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