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From: joshua jackson <tsunam@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-nfp] Re: Re: Foundation Nomination - Daniel Robbins
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 03:16:18
In Reply to: [gentoo-nfp] Re: Re: Foundation Nomination - Daniel Robbins by Steve Long
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Steve Long wrote:
| Chris Gianelloni wrote:
|> On Wed, 2008-01-30 at 00:49 +0000, Steve Long wrote:
|>> I'd also like to nominate patrick who runs,
|>> hosting amongst other things pkgcore (which cross-pollinates with
|>> portage) and notTheGWN:
|> Yes, we definitely need people that were "retired" from the project to
|> run our legal entity. *roll eyes*
| Hmm ok, only he was in the eligible list and has contributed an awful 
lot to
| Gentoo, but not really as a technical developer over the last year or two.
| More as a business analyst imo, although he's stepped up to provide 
infra for
| some of the more innovative work that goes on.
|> Has anybody even taken the time to stop and think about someone's actual
|> *legal* capabilities before nominating them?
| I have actually, as I would hope my other nominations would show. Have you
| ever stopped to consider that maybe you're not the best judge of qualities
| you haven't exactly displayed? Or have I missed something and you have 
a pool
| of qualified lawyers lined up wanting to take on this *legal* job?
|> Seriously, technical achievement means *nothing* here.  This is purely a
|> staff/financial/legal position we're nominating for...
| Yeah that takes more than just *legal* capability. It also takes 
| ability, as well as business expertise, both of which Patrick 
possesses. OFC
| these are not skills especially prevalent in the /technical/ developer 
| as the record of your time as Trustee shows. It's the same type of skills
| that drobbins would bring, were he eligible to stand.
| I believe him to be the kind of person you want helping you manage the
| organisational side of things, which requires people who can empathise and
| motivate, not snipe and whinge at every opportunity. OFC, neither you nor
| anyone else has to vote for Patrick (assuming he'd even want to stand 
| being subject to the first personal attack in this process.)
Knock off the personal attacks...this is strictly for nominations. 
Please keep it to strictly nominations and if they don't qualify the 
reason behind it only.
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