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Subject: Re: [gentoo-nfp] RE: [gentoo-council] Foundation by laws: new Article V
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2008 15:06:48
In Reply to: RE: [gentoo-nfp] RE: [gentoo-council] Foundation by laws: new Article V by "William L. Thomson Jr."
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William L. Thomson Jr. wrote:
| On Mon, 2008-09-01 at 21:44 -0700, Chrissy Fullam wrote:
|>> as I'm not the only
|> one discussing this it must be viewed as worth other people's time.
| Who else is participating? Alec was responding to your questioning with
| reasoning. Rich came from left field. Blackace is commenting on my
| response. So who else is discussing this?
| Not a single person has made a single post on the recently voted in
| bylaws other than Chrissy. There are other much more questionable
| subjects and sections in the bylaws. But those are being ignored.

William, while I failed to join the discussion in the last 2 meetings
and haven't been able to check what was approved, I'm also interested in
this point. So Chrissy is not alone in this.
I also note that for the few months I followed the discussion on the nfp
list about the bylaws, I only remember a mention to this around the
council election time and I wasn't aware that it had in fact been enacted.
My personal opinion is that making this a rule is wrong and can prove to
be counter-productive. I understand the reasons you and others have
raised, but in my view this should be left to the voters - it is (or
should be) their choice in the end.

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