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From: Kurt Lieber <klieber@g.o>
To: gentoo-nfp@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-nfp] CDs and t-shirts
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 22:22:05
In Reply to: RE: [gentoo-nfp] CDs and t-shirts by Daniel Robbins
On Sat, Apr 17, 2004 at 09:24:37AM -0600 or thereabouts, Daniel Robbins wrote:
> If the NFP survives, it would still have ownership of the trademarks. > There's no way for me to take them from the NFP, so no need for the NFP to > take them back. The NFP could simply resume using them if (theoretically) it > shut down for a period of time but then resumed its mission. > > The other reasoning for allowing me to use the marks is one of fairness. I > developed the "Gentoo" brand and committed myself to giving this brand > value. I personally designed the "G" logo (in blender; it was a lot of > work.) They could legitimately be sold to the NFP rather than just > transferred. This is what my lawyer suggested I do, because from his > perspective it is common sense. I again talked him down for just the ability > to continue to use them and thus keep running the Store as a separate entity > for as long as I choose.
I think this is very fair and reasonable thing. My only suggestion/request would be to make this a non-transferrable license. I certainly don't begrudge you making some money off of Gentoo in light of your contributions. However, I think if you ever decided (for whatever reason) to sub-license and/or sell your license to another entity, that could potentially lead to a lot of problems and might not be in the best interests of Gentoo. --kurt


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