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From: Jeffrey Gardner <je_fro@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-nfp] Reasons for running.
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2008 20:18:35
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This is a good time for me to chime in with my reasons for running for
the Board of Trustees.

Visit the web page for clicky links:

I'm no stranger to paperwork and bureaucracy as I have at least 10 years
of experience managing a variety of enterprises. Before returning to
school for a B.S. in biochemistry, I was responsible for all aspects of
a business grossing $4-5M/yr.

~ I was greatly distressed when I learned of our legal troubles and vowed
to do whatever it takes to set things straight and never allow a repeat
of that episode.

~ My reasons for running for the Board of Trustees are:

~ 1. To ensure that we never ever fall into the state we found ourselves
in by making sure we jump through all the hoops and submit the required
documents in a timely fashion. It is not that difficult to complete
paperwork on time and to consult with the applicable experts when needed.

~ 2. To complete the work required to migrate our administrative affairs
to an organization dedicated to providing legal services. I am talking
about Software in the Public Interest ( SPI ) or the Software Freedom
Law Center ( SFLC ). While SPI may have an impressive list of projects,
I favor Eben Moglen's organization (the SFLC). The SFLC is GNU-centric,
Eben has proven himself in battle, and because the minds at the SFLC
probably represent the world's foremost authority on the legal aspects
of Free Software. Migrating our administrative affairs to one of these
organizations should be top priority.

~ 3. It is the nature of the beast that people come, and people go. As
for myself, I'm stable and I'm not going anywhere in the forseeable
future. I am determined to ensure that gentoo is never "left hanging" again.

~ Thanks for reading,
~ je_fro

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