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From: Roy Bamford <neddyseagoon@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-nfp] Points to Ponder for Sundays Meeting.
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 18:15:45
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1. We are required to advise Foundation members of meetings, in advance 
and it seems, written notice is required. Its my view that an opt in 
mailing list like gentoo-nfp is not adequate. Many members don't 
subscribe and its also used for public debate, which many members are 
not interested in.
I don't think snail mail is in keeping with our image either.

It follows that we need something like gentoo-foundation-announce which 
members are automaticly subscribed to or we use a list of members email 
addresses to circulate notices. The difference is one of implementation 

We probably need to agree our bylaws before we can implement such a 
list, as the bylaws define the qualifications for membership.

2. IRC voting and Proxies.
I'm not sure we will ever use IRC for a vote. It could be managed by 
voicing the members on the list in 1) and setting the channel +m. Votes 
are then cast, since only members can speak in the channel.

The voicing will also prove that voting nicks are identified.

If we allow proxies, it gets more complex. We need to voice the proxies 
and when we count votes, ensure that the member and proxy cast only a 
single vote.

Its further complicated by a world wide membership. The law says that 
to be quorate and make decisions a members meeting needs >10% of the 
members entitled to vote on an issue (at the first attempt anyway). A 
short voting period on IRC would exclude the half our members who 
would be in bed. In reality, we would struggle to make the 10%.  There 
were less than 40 attendees for our first meeting, when interest in the 
Foundation was at its height.

I'm coming round to the opinion that any issues needing to be put to a 
vote of members will be voted on in the normal Gentoo way over a period 
of days, if not weeks. If that's so, we need some officers to run 

I'm just trying to air my views in advance of the Sunday meeting in the 
hope it will make the meeting slicker. 

Thoughts and other options please. 

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Roy Bamford
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