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From: Kito <kito@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-osx] Some Introduction
Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2005 18:39:49
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-osx] Some Introduction by Grobian
On Aug 9, 2005, at 2:36 AM, Grobian wrote:

> Kito! Think Different(tm)! :) > > Just my two newbee cents: > 1) I've heard this too many times now I guess, so I think it would > be a > Good Thing(tm) if Pieter -- assuming you all speak the truth and > he's gone > for good, or near to it -- would resign from his "lead" job. A > king in > another country is of no use, as he cannot reasonably know what his > citizen need.
I agree, I was just pointing out that it needs to be dealt with before any changes happen.
> 2) Every country, how small it may be, needs a king! Why? Doesn't > that > sound rediculous for only 4 people? Why do you think the Dutch > (me) have > a Queen? The Ustated Nights are approx. a million times bigger, > and still > we have one. Why? Because that's the person to pick when you want to > have some official contact to the group. Or the country. It's more a > symbolic task, especially in this small group, but good for the > image to > the outside. A group without a leader is by definition an unorganised > bunch of eh... hackers.
I <3 your analogies ;) Again, agreed! I'm not saying we don't need a leader in place, I'm saying we don't need another leader in name only...IMHO the ideal situation is a current Gentoo dev-team leader who would be interested in migrating to OS X.
> > It's all about perception, if you look professional, people think > you are. > Given the fact ppc-macos is considered to be the pain in the place > where > the sun don't shine, I think we would benefit from an organised (and > professional) look. New faces, new attitutes, new contacts. Damn, it > looks like I'm giving a marketing course here. Welcome to the > world of a > Business Information Systems guy!
Its not *all* about perception... lots of PR,hype, and empty titles without alot of code to back it up is one of the things that got us in trouble in the first place.
> > So, Lina and Hasan, I think what you want to do is a (c)Good Start > (tm)(r).nl > > > On Tue, August 9, 2005 02:16, Kito wrote: > >> >> On Aug 8, 2005, at 6:36 PM, Hasan Khalil wrote: >> >> >>> We would like to hold an election for the positions that we have >>> been more-or-less filling unofficially, as the new metastructure >>> suggests. We would like to be candidates for Operation Lead (Lina) >>> and Strategic Lead (Hasan). >>> >> >> I was wondering how long it was going to take you guys.... >> >> Who gets to vote in this election? >> >> Shouldn't the entire Gentoo dev team have some input? >> >> Shouldn't this wait until after the council elections are finished? >> >> What will change once you two have been elected? >> >> You should also probably address the fact that there is still a >> strategic lead in place (pvdabeel) before deciding amongst >> yourselves to hold an election... >> >> I know titles can be fun and addictive, but I'm not sure declaring an >> election to lead a team of 4 people, when 2 of them are basically >> jointly running, is the Right Thing(tm) at this point in time... yes >> the project needs leadership but this smells a little funny. >> >> --Kito >> > > -- > gentoo-osx@g.o mailing list > >
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