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From: Michael Haubenwallner <michael.haubenwallner@×××××××.at>
To: gentoo-osx@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-osx] [PREFIX] LD_LIBRARY_PATH issue
Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2006 12:43:50
Message-Id: 1157632994.11578.69.camel@sapc154
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-osx] [PREFIX] LD_LIBRARY_PATH issue by Grobian
(Apologies if you get this mail a second time - first i tried with
baselayout-prefix/files attached as a tar.gz-ball and did not see this
mail in for hours. Now these files are attached separately.)

On Wed, 2006-09-06 at 21:20 +0200, Grobian wrote:
> On 06-09-2006 15:37:31 +0200, Michael Haubenwallner wrote: > With respect, but I think the reason we don't use toolbox is because I > never got it to bootstrap anything :(
IIRC you did not manage to inform it where to download things from. But it's ok for me to have a bootstrap-script in the tree, even i don't plan to use it. Well, here are the two portage patches for dynamically duping environment values. Patch-Numbers fit into my previous mail containing a bunch of other patches [1]. [06-env-conf+ext.patch] Let portage create /etc/env.conf containing somewhat a dump of the environment bits found in /etc/env.d/*, to be read by /sbin/extenv, see below (the baselayout-prefix.ebuild). [07-env-dup.patch] Interpret variables PORTAGE_ENVDUP* found in /etc/env.d/*, to dupe values from one environment variable to another. Example is to dupe values from LDPATH to LD_LIBRARY_PATH, SHLIB_PATH or LIBPATH, see below (the baselayout-linux.ebuild). [baselayout-prefix-0.1.ebuild] files: [0.1-extenv] [0.1-inputrc] [0.1-profile] [0.1-unprofile] Installs these files: /etc/profile The entry point for this eprefix. Utilizes /sbin/extenv to add values the environment. It also sets up an alias 'eenv-clear', which sources /etc/unprofile, to be able to remove all the environment values for this eprefix. /sbin/extenv Interprets /etc/env.conf and generates a list of shell commands (for sh and csh) adding values to the environment. /etc/unprofile The exit point from this eprefix. Also utilizes /sbin/extenv to remove values from the environment. Also unaliases 'eenv-clear'. /etc/env.d/98secondary Contains values for PATH,ROOTPATH,LDPATH,... for this eprefix. /var/spool/emerge/doasroot Create it as empty file, currently not in use. Intention is to collect commands from enewuser/enewgroup/... when not run as real root (uid 0). /etc/inputrc Some maybe out-of-date inputrc, could be unneccesary here. Additionally, two symlinks are created: /sbin/ -> /usr/lib/portage/bin/ /etc/init.d/ -> /sbin/ I use /usr/lib/portage/bin/ because i did not know better where to get those /sbin/ from. [baselayout-linux-0.1.ebuild] Installs only one file: /etc/env.d/99system Only contains two lines: PORTAGE_ENVDUP="LDPATH" PORTAGE_ENVDUP_LDPATH="LD_LIBRARY_PATH" This configures portage (with 07-env-dup.patch) to dupe collected values from LDPATH into LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Idea is to let make.profile symlink unmask different packages for hpux and aix, to dupe LDPATH value into SHLIB_PATH and LIBPATH respectively. Comments welcome! [1] -haubi- -- Michael Haubenwallner SALOMON Automation GmbH Forschung & Entwicklung A-8114 Friesach bei Graz mailto:michael.haubenwallner@×××××××.at No HTML/MIME please, see


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