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Subject: Re: [gentoo-osx] Current status
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 05:29:07
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-osx] Current status by Hasan Khalil
On Jul 31, 2005, at 12:05 AM, Hasan Khalil wrote:

> > On Jul 30, 2005, at 23:34, Kito wrote: > > >> Just to be a semantic pain in the ass, / is an apple provided >> file... If you are worried about keeping a pristine OS X >> environment (read: still qualify as a 'supported configuration' >> for tech support, etc.) then installing portage on OS X in any of >> its current forms is not what you should be playing with. Portage >> installs files in /usr, /etc, /System and whereever else ebuild >> maintainers feel like putting stuff, , basically everywhere a 3rd >> party software vendor should never touch. A simple software update >> could kill your portage packages/config files... >> > > I'll match your semantic-pain-in-the-ass and raise you a super- > silly-remark. '/' is not a file; it's a directory. :P
I'll see your super-silly-remark and raise you with yet another semantic, everything in unix is a file :p
> > Seriously, though, I wouldn't say that installing/using Gentoo for > Mac OS X would void any support requests. All of your points stand, > but I just think that your 'semantics' are a bit harder than the > reality. :)
Tell an apple support rep you have installed custom software in / System and /usr and let me know the response ;) hint: have your OS X install media handy
> > Opinions, and semantics. The message is the same, I think. > > >>> and the 'progressive' profile (a free-for-all overwrite-whatever- >>> you-want policy). >>> >> >> the progressive profile is anything but a 'free-for-all'. Its >> primary purpose is setting up the environment required to build >> the Darwin OS. Nothing that gets installed in a default >> configuration will break OS X. I use what are arguably the most >> demanding apps available for OS X(shake, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, >> etc.), and have been for almost a year now without any ill side >> effects from using the progressive profile. >> > > I didn't mean free-for-all in a negative way. What I meant is that, > by policy, there's nothing that the progressive profile must avoid > overwriting. If this policy needs to be updated, let me know. I'm > going to be writing up all the 'policy' that I know about so that > we can make this sort of thing public. Will post to this list later > with updates, hopefully.
Please do, I didn't realize there were any macos specific policies.
> > >>> In the future we will support installing everything to some >>> location, for example '/opt/gentoo', to provide the best of both >>> worlds. In the meanwhile, the default (collision-protect) profile >>> sounds like what you're after; Apple-provided files are not >>> allowed to be overwritten when this profile is in use (there is a >>> bug open on symlinks being overwritten, but that is being taken >>> care of and is a fairly isolated situation). >>> >>
As a side note...I've been poking around the portage cvs, and its very repo you think the fink and DP folks will get upset when we start emerging fink and DP ports? ;)
>> I think Fink and/or DarwinPorts are more what hes after ;) >> > > Blasphemer! ;) > > You're probably right, though. It should be made clear at this > point that portage is _not_ a drop-in replacement for DarwinPorts > or Fink. I don't think this point is stressed enough, and many new > users are confused when they find this. I'm not sure exactly why > they get this impression to begin with, but hey I'm just a silly dev. > > -- > > Hasan Khalil > eBuild and Porting Co-Lead > Gentoo for Mac OS X > >
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