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From: m h <sesquile@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-osx@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-osx] porting maxos port to posix (ala openpkg)
Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2005 23:23:51
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-osx] porting maxos port to posix (ala openpkg) by Nick Dimiduk
On 9/8/05, Nick Dimiduk <ndimiduk@g.o> wrote:
> > To re-direct you one more time, maybe have a look over at the > gentoo-portage-dev list. That's where portage development happens. We > just use it. :)
Nick- Thanks for the redirection. I'll spam them as well. We are in the process of making gentoo's portage work on osx as a
> secondary package manager (as you put it earlier). We ideally use / as > the root. Much of what we've push into portage mainline (as bug > reports) has to do with using POSIX versions of tools rather than the > gnu versions. This has to do with portage code as well as ebuilds > themselves. the gentoo/bsd group also does this with their work. Both > of our projects are focused on getting portage running on non-linux > systems. There was talk of gentoo/open solaris as well. > > I don't think I fully understand what you're looking for, but I hope you > find it :)
Here's what I want: If you are familiar with openpkg, I want a portage version of that rather than an rpm version. If you aren't familiar with that I want a "prefixed" version of portage (much like how fink is in it's own directory) that will run ontop of other unices (solaris, osx, linux variants). Here's the thread that contains a GLEP explaining "portage as a secondary package manager". Hopefully that makes sense. I hope this doesn't appear to be rude, I just want to make sure people understand what I'm asking for, so that we are all on the same page ;) Cheers,
> -Nick Dimiduk > > m h wrote: > > Hello- > > > > I posted in the gentoo-dev mailing list yesterday, but figured I'd post > > here since it is somewhat closer related. I'm investigating the > > differences between portage and openpkg. For those who don't know about > > openpkg, openpkg allows one to install rpms in a sandboxed environment > > accross multiple unix platforms (bsd, redhat, debian, gentoo,...). It > > consists of a way to bootstrap an environment and a bunch of spec files > > used to create rpms specifically tailored for that platform. The idea > > being you could run the "same" components across different platforms in > > your environment. > > > > It seems that Fink and Portage for OSX are providing similar > > functionality on top of OSX. My question is what would be involved in > > generalizing the Portage OSX port to unix platforms similar to what > > openpkg is doing. An example might be that while I need to run Suse at > > work, I could install portage into a sandboxed location and enter that > > environment. This would allow me to run newer components, better > > integrated, security patched, etc, while still having the corporate > > environment if I needed it. > > > > Ideally the benefits for doing this would be to allow many platforms to > > take advantage of portage, use the large ebuild tree (openpkg has ~400 > > components), as well as use ebuilds that are tested probably a little > > bit more than openpkg (I believe the gentoo install base is a least one > > or two orders of magnitude larger than openpkg). > > > > Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions are appreciated. > > > > thanks > > > > matt > > -- > gentoo-osx@g.o mailing list > >