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From: Grobian <grobian@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-osx] Re: Prefix tree locaiton
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 15:57:04
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-osx] Re: Prefix tree locaiton by Armando Di Cianno
On 18-08-2006 11:43:24 -0400, Armando Di Cianno wrote:
> ... oh, did you take over the GNUstep ebuilds? If so, good. It's > not something I wanted to drop, but I found I was fixing more GNUstep > bugs, than writing ebuilds, and then life got in the way ...
Ahem... It's offtopic, but it's a pain.
> >I'd be very very very happy if we could get some movement here, so if > >you folks can start, please do! I will help wherever that is > >possible. > > It would be helpful to have read access to, or at least daily > snapshots of, all pertinent resources. Firstly, the prefix-enabled > portage. Secondly, I'm not sure if a prefix-enabled ebuild tree was > started or not, but if it's needed I can help set one up on one of my > servers, or *shudder* on my dreamhost account, otherwise, access to > the current one would be great.
We have daily snapshots here: I believed anon access was set up, but might as well not be (another reason for me to make a sync repo that does allow it). The prefixed portage sources might be a little out of date, and I plan to make a new snapshot available soon (am currently in the process of building on my Dual Athlon64/Fedora Core, the bootstrap script at least seems to work like a charm)
> Can this be arranged fairly quickly?
Does above help? I plan to poll gentoo's infra people pretty soon to at least ask if they mind replicating the whole life portage tree in SVN so we can do diffing on branches. (If not, I will _have_ to do it myself.) -- Fabian Groffen Gentoo for Mac OS X Project -- gentoo-osx@g.o mailing list


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