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Subject: [gentoo-osx] ppc-macos est mort, vive ppc-macos?
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 19:50:48
While French is high in my personal hit list of languages I hate the
most, I chose the language for this mail subject as I think it fits

ppc-macos is dead, long live ppc-macos

Is ppc-macos a phoenix, that reborns from its own ashes?  Would be nice,
but I think not entirely.  With the ppc-macos team going down from once
17 to now 2 people, of which one actively supporting the main tree, and
that one person being me, I feel I'm done with it now.  ppc-macos in the
tree as it is now is going to die, unless someone steps up to maintain
it.  I personally, am done with it, in the form it is, which is more
trouble than happyness sometimes.

What drove me to that descision?  The new council?  Not really.  What
really drove me there is the existence of a prefixed portage, and a tree
where I have Vim and Mutt, as most important proofs of concept.
Unfortunately the amd64 variant of the prefix isn't entirely working
yet, with many linker problems, but for OSX it seems to work fine.
Actually, it seems to work better.  And I'm quite happy with it like

Personally, I'm fed up with the whole Gentoo system, and the heavy doors
you can only slightly open with the most efforts.  Kito being mia, also
means one of the biggest driving forces behind prefixed portage being
gone.  Exg is busy, which leaves me, not knowledgable enough for most of
the stuff I've done here to get it working.  I won't really be surprised
if it's done not entirely correct, but so it is.  I'm not going to pull
the prefix car, write the glep and try to get it accepted by the rest.

I know prefix is working now.  I use it in the situations where I wanted
to have it.  I know there will be people completely killing it.  I hope
there will be people that would like to have it, and see something in
it.  For me, the proof is there.  It is "done".  I greatly feel
innovations have no place within Gentoo, which is the biggest cause for
it's big decay.  We should have a "sync mechanism" for our prefix tree.
I feel stuck, and in the mudd, I've come far enough to know I was right.

This is not exactly my resignition lettre.  Officially I shouldn't
exist, even.  I just want to tell that I've finally given up on
ppc-macos in the main tree as it is.  I don't need it any more.

Maybe someone should send this to gentoo-dev even... not sure.

Fabian Groffen
Lost Soul From the Gentoo for Mac OS X Town
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