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From: Sylvain OBEGI <katios@×××××××.net>
To: gentoo-osx@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-osx] Current status & KDE for Gentoo OS/X
Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2005 00:47:37
I've been following the Gentoo OS/X project for quite some time, but 
I've been lagging behind in the mailing list reading process until now.
Just to give my 2 cents in a few sentences, it seems lots of efforts 
have been put recently in some political discussions which unfortunatly 
were aborted before reaching a final (constructive) decision (couldn't 
even find some proposed drafts), that's too bad for a project which 
seems very interesting.
Here is what I think about the project as an external user (take it or 
leave it, I don't hold the Truth(TM) anyway) :
well... actually the thing is I'm not really a user of gentoo os/x, I 
mean I've had portage installed virtually since the beginning of gentoo 
os/x, but never used it, the main reason being that what I'd like to use 
isn't working (mostly mc and kde --konqeror & kate--), and the second 
one being that.. well, I don't even know what is actually working and so 
worth trying.
I think that apart from some manpower and will to test and fix packages, 
what could be useful is some "real (power user) use cases". I mean, it 
would be nice to know that the project is actually useful to someone, 
how and what it is used for, so at least simple user like me would now 
that we could use it for that particular purpose, even if it's a niche, 
because then, we could extend little by little the tested/working 
software. In short, more visibility would be nice IMHO.
Talking about visibility, is the os/x port doc linked from somewhere on 
the site? I could only find it via google, but it may be 
because it's almort 2 in the morning.

Now, about KDE, has anyone made any work in trying to have a functionnal 
version for OS/X, either with QT/Mac or (more probably) X11? Fink does 
it (see, so I guess theorically Gentoo 
OS/X could, too. If anyone needs a tester for that...

Last, is osx@g.o going to someone? if not, could you look at bug 
65748 as it's wrongly attributed to Gentoo Linux instead of Darwin/OS X.

Thanks to all for the efforts you put in trying to give OS X a little 
more freedom and more choices.

Best regards,
Sylvain OBEGI
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