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From: Grobian <grobian@g.o>
To: gentoo-osx@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-osx] Ruby issue
Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2005 20:30:48
Some of you might have noticed the Ruby (security) issue.  I'd like to 
have a quick round on it.

A short situation sketch:
- ruby 1.8.2 compiles with some patches made by usata on Panther
- ruby 1.8.2 collides on Tiger with system installed ruby
- ruby 1.8.2 contains security vulnerability and stuff
- ruby 1.8.3 is safe(r)
- ruby 1.8.3 doesn't compile on Panther due to autoconf 2.59 requirement
- ruby 1.8.3 of course also collides on Tiger
- ruby 1.8.2 is marked ppc-macos stable
- ruby 1.8.3 is marked ~ppc-macos unstable

ruby is for Tiger in p.mask, since the sec. bug I added the mask in the 
Panther profile too, however, that's not really a solution, and the sec. 
guys want more action from us, basically.

I can think of three 'solutions':
1. drop ppc-macos keyword for all ruby keywords.
    This is drastical, but since ruby won't have a nice mariage with OSX
    using oldstyle Gentoo/OSX it solves the problem for good.
2. drop ppc-macos keyword in 1.8.2 and replace it with 1.8.3
    This is bad because we basically drop the keyword, but it leaves us
    with the 'desired' state of having only ~ppc-macos.
3. stable 1.8.3
    This feels bad to me, but it's what the sec. guys want to see.  It
    makes sense for progressive users (although I don't know of any real
    ones).  We would stable a package without testing that is masked.

So, a quick round of input on any one of the three (or a solution I 
haven't thought of) solutions would be nice, in order to 'fix' the ruby 
bug instead of letting it slide.  It's wrong anyway.

Fabian Groffen
Gentoo for Mac OS X Project -- Interim Lead
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