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From: Christian Hartmann <ian@g.o>
To: gentoo-perl@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-perl] PortageXS / Gentoo::Portage
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 23:00:17
Hi all,

I promised that I'll keep you posted about the progress I'm making. First of 
all Gentoo::Portage it's now called PortageXS just because of some reasons:

- there already sits a Gentoo::Portage on my harddrive thanks to g-cpan ;)
- if you don't like it I'll continue working on PortageXS anyways for my own 
toys - different namespace - no harm done :)
- I like the name 'PortageXS' because it pretty much describes what it does: 
access portage stuff using perl; providing an abstraction layer to portage
- it's based on up2date-ng and @otherscripts - not based on Gentoo::Portage

Grab the ebuild here:


At this very point it's nothing that exciting but it contains (almost) all the 
methods/subs I'm using in my tools. It's clean and very simple code. It's 
following (most of) the coding-style dams proposed in his previous email 
(except of the pod and unless/and do_something() stuff - I'll change it to 
use pod in a later _preX version). I've also added some code examples and a 
bunch of tests. - Support for CPAN is completly missing at this point.

Ok. - Whats next?

1.a.) You like that stuff? - Great.. let's put it in svn and hack on it 
together then..
1.b.) You don't like that stuff? - Great.. tell me what's wrong with it and 
what you would like to see changed. - Otherwise just rip Gentoo::Portage out 
of g-cpan and proceed with step 4.
2.) Add ::CPAN stuff. 
3.) Include some of g-cpans Gentoo::Portage functions currently missing.
4.) Write some cool docs/pods.
5.) Add PortageXS (or whatever name we agree on) to dev-perl/.
6.) Make g-cpan, up2date-ng and perl-info use PortageXS (I already have 
versions of up2date-ng and perl-info sitting on my harddrive that use 
PortageXS.. a two minute job..)

Christian Hartmann

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