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Subject: [gentoo-perl] Can't locate Catalyst/Plugin/Authentication/Store/
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 02:12:06
[ I sent to the Catalyst list, but here's a copy for gentoo-perl, in
case it helps anyone, including myself '-) ]



So, the gentoo overlay installation is altered like:


Okay... no more 'Plugin' or 'DBIC' anymore, it seems.

Then I did find this:

And, I try to change a couple of items in the configs, like so:

authentication => {
                        default_realm => 'members',
                        realms => {
                            members => {
                                credential => {
                                    class => 'Password',
                                    password_field => 'password',
                                    password_type => 'clear'
                                store => {
                                    class => 'DBIx::Class',
                                    user_class => 'MyAppDB::Users',
                                    id_field => 'user_id',
                                    role_relation => 'userroles',
                                    role_field => 'role_name',

... to mimic what is in that doco.

Caught exception in BanTrace::Controller::Login->index "The user object
Catalyst::Authentication::Store::DBIx::Class::User=HASH(0x9469e70) does
not support any known password authentication mechanism.,,

   35:     if ($username && $password) {
   37:         # Attempt to log the user in
   38:         if ($c->login($username, $password)) {


My application is configured exactly like the tutorial... used to be
written?? No. It still looks like: Authentication::Store::DBIC

And that Plugin:: isn't part of the installation now... this _can't_ be
okay, no?

Alright, so this is the new 'login' method, 'authenticate'?

   37:         # Attempt to log the user in
   38:         # if ($c->login($username, $password)) {
   39:         if ($c->authenticate($username, $password)) {

Caught exception in BanTrace::Controller::Login->index "authenticate
called with nonexistant realm: 'MYPASSWORD'?

Ouch! Oh, with a hashref, now:

        # if ($c->login($username, $password)) {
        if ($c->authenticate({username => $username, password =>

So now I'm in... sort of. Other parts are broken...

if ($c->check_user_roles('admin')) {

... didn't seem to fly.

Now, I'm stuck. That method comes from, I think, ::DBIC ... what's the
new way? Fortunately, in this app, if you are not 'admin' you must be a
user... but I'd like to have my ROLE back!!!

Any help really, really appreciated. '-)


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