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Subject: [gentoo-perl] modules availability
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2008 01:26:04
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I got some skeptical inquiries about the state of gentoo support for perl, in the chat space... I don't know, myself, what it looks like, really. What is 'virtual' for? What is "Dual Lifed"? Where to find out if not on this mailing list's archives?

Anyway... AFAICT, everything "CPANTS" has as is_core, well, is in perl-core/. 

[I know crap about bash, but here's what I did:]

notfound="No matches found."; for atom in `perl`; do iscore=` eix -Ace perl-core/$atom `;if [ "$iscore" != "$notfound" ] ; then echo $iscore; else isavail=` eix -Ace dev-perl/$atom `;if [ "$isavail" != "$notfound" ] ; then echo $isavail; else echo $atom $notfound; fi ; fi ;done 

"perl" just calls this SQL:

select package from modules left join dist on ( where modules.is_core=1 group by package

... hopefully getting the complete list of core packages. It loops when the module is installed and prints after 

my $atom = $row->[0]) =~ s/(?:-[-.0-9a-z]+)*(?:\.tar\.gz|\.zip)$//; 
my $t = [ split /\//,$atom ]->[1] ;
$atom = ($t // $atom);
say $atom;

... to get the ebuild name from the tarball name.

[ Some of which makes me happy, just to use some new perl features. ;-) ]

So, I have to guess these results are errors from the CPANTS database, or just aren't core (or buildable) on my linux system. So that's pretty good coverage for perl-core.

CPAN-DistnameInfo No matches found.
Class-Config No matches found.
IPC_SysV No matches found.
Mac-iPhoto-Shell No matches found.
Net-FileShare No matches found.
Net No matches found.
PathTools No matches found.
Time-Object No matches found.
Win32 No matches found.
Win32-File-Summary No matches found.
Win32API-File No matches found.

As for the rest, I'm gathering them now.

grep "No match" results_notcore |wc -l && \
grep -v "No match" results_notcore |wc -l

eix -c --in-overlay perl-experimental |wc -l

. . .

What would be cool is if we could move perl-"experimental" to be an *experimental overlay* of automatically created ebuilds that corresponds to CPAN.

Then it'd be nice to fix up a *maintained* perl overlay (gentoo-perl?) to be like a ppm repository (without the binary parts), maintained and advertised as such, for any perl modules that aren't part of the official gentoo tree. 

So if anyone wants, they have a place to grab something probably ready to go from overlays. If it needs fixing and gets fixed, it has a place to live that distinguishes it from the automatic ebuilds. 

CPANTS data has a binary flag for in (or not in) a couple of other distros. Maybe meeting that degree of support, or that of the activestate ppm repository would be a good starting benchmark..??


-- Michael Higgins


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