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Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 09:37:31
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special handquoted mail.. :)

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On Tuesday 10 May 2005 07:49 pm, Antoine Raillon wrote:

> Totally agree.
Nice ! ;) let's clean/stabilize/test things then. I took my laptop at work today, but phone is always ringing for now.. Well, anyway if someone wants to work on the code, svn is there, it should be able to handle multiple modifications.. it's its goal, isn't it ? :)
> Ah, but if we just avoid cleaning out .cpan, that will cover it. By
> out .cpan each run, we wipe the downloaded files that CPAN uses to do the
> searches. By not deleting them, CPAN checks for their existence and only > downloads new ones (the modulelist, etc.) if their time stamp is too old.
well, ok, it could do the job. But we'll have to inform the user about what is going on somewhere, just in case he wonders why he has a .cpan dir while he usually uses a system-wide setting ;)
> Actually - that's not true. Any user under the current code can initiate
> g-cpan function, not just searches. And this has advantages, too - if you
> have configured box to allow members of the portage group to do userpriv > emerges, then any user who is a member of groups:portage should be
allowed to
> use g-cpan as well (as they can in the last version of 0.13 I looked at).
> boot, a user can append to the overlay listing (I know I do on my local
> - mcummings has a huge list of overlay dirs compared to root has none)
via an
> environment variable. Plus...I'm drawing a blank on what would go in this
> config file right now. I can envision in >0.13 including some nifty
> facilities (needed!), but beyond a few config vars related to that I
> come up with anything that you'd want to config (throw me a line here :)
) erhm, actually you are right, dunno why but i was sure the $< test was to check if user was trying to search/list or do something more dangerous. About the config file, it can be very very helpful. Even if it can be small if limited to g-cpan (and small doesn't mean useless), we could combine this with your bundling idea, and create a perl-tools conf file ;p Oh wait, you said no more features for now ;)
> sweet :)
My pleasure ;)
> Bah, my code is child's play compared to regex-King's stuff ;)
The worst thing is that he won't admit it.. damned humility ;)
> Sniper had some other ideas, but i'll let him introduce them ;)
Isn't step one getting sniper on a gentoo box first ? ;) (j/k) bah ;) he will install one himself sooner or later, i hope ;p I can provide him a shell on one of my box.. even root account anyway, but this box is totally unstable (probably an hardware problem) and it hasn't been updated since maybe one year. Even installing portage, which is not a big app, crashes it. Anyway it would be a start point to get him addicted ;) -- cab -- gentoo-perl@g.o mailing list