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Subject: Réf. : [gentoo-perl] goals (g-cpan now, far flung future)
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 07:05:01
In Reply to: [gentoo-perl] goals (g-cpan now, far flung future) by Michael Cummings
(sorry for bad quoting and so, Notes is such a baaaad MUA..)

Feature freeze : OK for that, but (depending of sniper's work, which I
haven't checked yet) a massive cleaning is a minimal thing to do before a
.13 release I think ;p. SVN will help us for that, as mail attachment are
not an easy thing to manage ;p

Bundling : well, it depends how you want to bundle things. do you want to :
A/ Include g-cpan & other tools in pre-existing things, ie gentoolkit ?
B/ Add all the perl-tools in something like say.. g-perl-tools package ?

The second one is the best choice i guess ;)


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                 Veuillez              [gentoo-perl] goals (g-cpan now,    
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Morning all,

I'm writing this as I get ready to head to the office, so I haven't had a
to read everything that's transpired while I selfishly slept :)

If at all possible, I'd like to ask if we can freeze feature additions on
for at least a few days, mostly so we can agree that as is is nice and
clean and
I can post it to the tree (recent rush for updates has been so we can start
the split of dev-perl, which would break the g-cpan that's available to the
masses right now). Not permanently halt, just for a few days so we can push
cleaned snapshot into the tree :)

And then, in the far flung future, I was thinking as I sipped (gulped) my
this morning...what do you all think of ultimately bundling g-cpan with a
other gentoo specific perl apps? I'm thinking in particular of perl-cleaner
you've upgraded perl on a gentoo box in the last few months and aren't
with it, shame shame shame), maybe even my ill fated page scraping bugger
me for shameless url plug). This last bit is really just a rambling thought
may sound horrible when fully conscious (gentoo-perlkit came to mind as a
for the collection).

OK, off to the office and irc where I'm sure I'm flame bait to you all :)

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