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From: Michael Cummings <mcummings@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-perl] Perl overlays
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 13:15:16
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Well, per my email to -dev last week [1], I've gone forward with setting
up a perl overlay on[2]. What's there now (and
available via layman) isn't the final version - mostly me just fooling
around to see it work in action. My vision for this overlay would be to
1. Get rid of the test data I posted :) and 2. setup an overlay, maybe
along the naming schemes of perl-testing (for ebuilds we are testing to
put into the main tree), perl-experimental (for things like the slotted
perl tests), perl-no-maintainer (a long name for things that have sat in
bugzilla forever that want a home, but that we don't have the energy to
support in the main tree), and maybe a perl-alt for ebuilds that we
eventually move out of the main perl tree because of a lack of need, but
that folks may still want around. I might even suggest cab put up the
work he and Michelle have done in perl-catalyst, though I understand
Michelle has been working from an existing overlay to begin with.

My vision, however, is myopic. I'm sure there are things I'm not seeing
because I'm too focussed on the immediate gratification goal. Thoughts?
Suggestions? Initially I'd like to get those perl devs that are
interested hooked up with full access, though the long term goal once we
have some structure and meat is to allow a few individuals that have
expressed an interest to have commit access as well (perl team will have
to come up with some sort of screening process for this, but I think we
know who the really interested vs not are).

Lay it on me folks. If you have layman installed, there is currently a
new overlay called perl you can add (though like I said above, that's
subject to some change in the near future), or anyone can svn co locally.

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