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Subject: [gentoo-perl] Réf. : Re: Réf. : Re: Réf. : [gentoo-perl] r33 - in trunk: bin extra-docs
Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 07:00:31
In Reply to: Re: Réf. : Re: Réf. : [gentoo-perl] r33 - in trunk: bin extra-docs by Michael Cummings
Sorry i didn't had enough free time to made all my tests :/

however I extensively tested the "user - overlays - no rights" case, and
everything runs fine, with or without pre-cached ~/.cpan

btw, thinking about a small visual detail : when user makes an error, he's
prompted with 1/ an error message and 2/ exit_usage(). But exit_usage() is
now quite long and often hides the error message (at least in my terms ;p).
Would it be a good thing to have an exit_short() or to avoid calling
exist_usage() in such case ?


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as user with overlay access
user without overlay access
root with overlays
root without overlays

These are the tests I've done at various stages

On Monday 16 May 2005 09:55 am, antoine.raillon@××××.com wrote:
> > Last public release was 0.12 - I'd stick with 0.13 for now > > your word ;p > you're the one who will be blamed if anyting goes wrong anyway =) > (/me hides ;p) > > > I think its ready for testing - but then, that's what testing's for, > > right? :) > > and about a must-pass test list ? > > -- > cab
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