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From: antoine.raillon@××××××.net
To: gentoo-perl@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-perl] r21 - in trunk: . bin extra-docs
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 21:57:52
Author: cab
Date: 2005-05-12 19:36:48 +0200 (Thu, 12 May 2005)
New Revision: 21

reorg - 2

Deleted: trunk/Changes
--- trunk/Changes	2005-05-12 17:23:58 UTC (rev 20)
+++ trunk/Changes	2005-05-12 17:36:48 UTC (rev 21)
@@ -1,122 +0,0 @@
-11/05/2005 - mcummings makes weird changes
-- cleaned up calls to merge, added -p,-a,-n,-u flags to respective portions
-- Removed the "for (@ARGV) to the call for emerge*module subs - all this was doing was forcing us to call emerge multiple times; the actual subs weren't using @ARGV, but using @ebuild_list, which was already populated elsewhere with all of the modules we wanted plus their generated deps.
-- moved list function so that it was called *after* we define the list of dirs to check
-- added basename so program name was pretty (beu)
-- To explain my changes for that dir read -noticed when traversing for multiple files that the directory list checked was decreasing in size each pass until it was only checking one directory chain in the end. Pushing it all into a single array that's built temporarily, while ugly, seems to work. This was all due to a bug in modules like Bundle-W3C-Validator (go ahead and try with the old code). Sorry for the kludges, thanks snip for the regex help
-10/05/2005 - cab strikes g-cpan again.. :)
-- added comments here and there..
-- modified the cpan-config-needed if() test
-- modified switches interpretations
-- added -l,--list switch (nothing behind for now)
-- added a new sub : clean_the_mess, that should take care of system's sanity
-- changed my $arches
-- subbed the MD5 sum calculation
-- updated exit_usage()
-07/05/2005 -  cab first strike !
-- Added search capabilities (same as m // command in CPAN Shell
-  Use -s or --search switch to get it.
-- Now Using Getopt::Long to handle switches, options, and so on..
-- get_globals totally rewritten : now uses open/parse/close on make.conf,
-  instead of 3 times qx() : performance boost guaranteed. Sets up default before 
-  overwriting them if needed and can replace variables like ${PORTDIR} if ever
-  they are used in make.conf : quality improvement guaranteed. :p
-  thx to Sniper (sniper@×××××××××.net) for the s// regexp !
-- Added a bit more explicative Usage message.. in fact a whole sub. 
-  Available with -h or --help switch but will also appear if user
-  requires impossible or wrong things (plus a detailed error message
-  on what when wrong).
-- Installing a module now requires the -i or --install switch, to differentiate
-  from searching. Can be modified to become default 'no option' behaviour,
-  but i'm not fan : searching as default would be far less dangerous. :)
-- Reorganised code, adding some comments, removing some useless others.
-- Had fun !
-#Copyright 1999-2004 Gentoo Foundation
-#Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
-#$Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo/users/mcummings/g-cpan/g-cpan-0.12/Changes,v 1.1 2005/04/30 21:44:15 mcummings Exp $
-04/30/05: mcummings@g.o
-	Moving g-cpan into its own package space withing app-portage for better managability.
-	Also, this breaks the tie to g-cpan fixes being reliant on the next release of portage.
-01/29/05: andrew-g@××××××××.uk: 
-	Improved filename/version matching to close bugs 64403 74149 69464 23951.  
-	Improved default help message.  Added -v verbose flag.
-11/16/04: pete@×××××××××××.com:
-	Fixed handling of CPAN modules that end in '.pm' (e.g.
-	Closes bug 64403.
-10/29/04: rac@g.o:
-	attempt to recognize lowercased packages in dev-perl in portage_dir
-05/23/03: jrray@g.o: 
-	Skip modules the CPAN thinks are included with perl (closes bug 14679).
-	Used the CPAN module to discover the real location of Makefile.PL to set
-	the ${S} variable in the ebuild, sometimes the location isn't the same as
-	${P}.
-	Don't assume the filename of the tarball will be ${P}.tar.gz, use the
-	real filename out of CPAN.
-	Some modules' filenames have underscores in unfortunate places.  Change
-	all of them to hyphens to avoid that mess.
-02/23/03: alain@g.o: 
-	removed portage direct-access code, and switched to using the
-	portageq utility which hides the portage APIs.
-01/08/03: jrray@g.o: 
-	remove dependency on Digest::MD5
-01/07/03: jrray@g.o: getting the way subroutines are fed variables
-	sorted out (they're in @_)
-	Clean out module_check, unnecessary temp variables are evil.
-	It isn't okay to skip a module if module_check succeeds when
-	that module is listed as a dependency for a module we're trying
-	to install, the subsequent emerge can fail if the ebuild doesn't
-	exist.  So only skip a module if it is a first order module from
-	the command line but not if it is being considered to meet a
-	dependency.
-	Use the portage python module to learn some configuration values
-	instead of trying to parse make.conf.
-	Need to use system and not exec when calling out to emerge, exec
-	ends our process!
-12/09/02: baz@×××××××××.com: some further amends:
-	standardised code, declared external vars early, 
-	amended layout and sub styles for consistency and brevity,
-	also removed a 'spare' function :-)
-12/07/02: mcummings: Reviewed baz's comments (thanks!). Moved the make.conf check to an external
-	 sub so that we could grab other important functions. Added Digest::MD5 so that we could
-	 check the checksum more cleanly instead of making a system call.
-	 Thanks to stocke2 for pointing me in the direction of File::Path -
-	 and helping me debug silly michael coding with rmtree
-12/07/02: baz@×××××××××.com: 
-	comments added, basically a very picky code review.
-12/06/02: mcummings; 
-	Added emerge functionality. Now emerges modules on the 
-	fly
-12/03/02: mcummings; 
-	Added checks for /var/db/pkg and manually installed 
-	modules
-11/07/02: jrray : Initial upload to bug 3450

Deleted: trunk/TODO
--- trunk/TODO	2005-05-12 17:23:58 UTC (rev 20)
+++ trunk/TODO	2005-05-12 17:36:48 UTC (rev 21)
@@ -1,7 +0,0 @@
-- Heavy testing !
-- Some work on the overlays - possibility to use ~/.cpan
-- clean_the_mess / clean_up to improve/merge
-- big portions of upgrade_module and install_module are the same code
-- check for multiple emerge
-- Add verbosity messages
-- Clean the code.. which prog doesn't need this ? :p

Copied: trunk/bin/ (from rev 20, trunk/code/

Added: trunk/bin/g-cpan
--- trunk/bin/g-cpan	2005-05-12 17:23:58 UTC (rev 20)
+++ trunk/bin/g-cpan	2005-05-12 17:36:48 UTC (rev 21)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
\ No newline at end of file

Property changes on: trunk/bin/g-cpan
Name: svn:special
   + *

Copied: trunk/bin/ (from rev 20, trunk/code/

Copied: trunk/extra-docs/Changes (from rev 20, trunk/Changes)

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