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Subject: Réf. : Re: [gentoo-perl] perl gentoolkit ?
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 13:34:10
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-perl] perl gentoolkit ? by Michael Cummings
well, beu would probably answer better than me
svn supports branching of cours, how is the question ;)
and having a full tree support.. dunno if it's useful, but it can be done

need an expert opinion on this one ;p

In case we join everything in a big toolkit, is using the
svn-with-full-tree the best way to do it ?

I mean, the final aspect of the package sould be considered. If we import
g-cpan now in a tree structure and add each small prog one after the other,
it'll be easy (but changing package name en route would be mandatory then).

So, to summarize, we've different solutions :

1/ we put every tool in a tree structure right now and release a new
2/ we let g-cpan in his own tree (full-tree compliant) and think about
merging way later
3/ we don't touch anything ;) (except maybe a name change)

/me is not sure this mail is really clear.. bah, will see ;p

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Still a good idea - was more on the horizon type idea (not this week). But
your right, changing now is better than later :)

While we're at changing though - do we want to consider a different dir
structure? Like a bin/ man/ lib? set of dirs to store in? How does svn
branching? (or do we even need to worry about branching?) I only ask
the tarball I push up when this is in portage has a bin/ and man/ (well,
know, for the script and the man page...duh...sorry...) and I wasn't sure
there was anything like that we should be doing on the back end (not
on this one - i'm easy either way, just thought I'd throw it out there if
dirs were going to get moved around anyway).

On Thursday 12 May 2005 08:14 am, antoine.raillon@××××.com wrote:
> dunno if this idea is still around, is it ? > > in case it is, we could use the same SVN as now, but then the 'gcpan'
> would be obsolete. changing it now would be easy, while waiting will give > more work ;p > > change / not change ? > > speak now or never ;) > > -- > cab
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