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From: Ulrich Mueller <ulm@g.o>
To: Ciaran McCreesh <ciaran.mccreesh@××××××××××.com>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-pms] Variancy?
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2010 22:13:42
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-pms] Variancy? by Ciaran McCreesh
>>>>> On Sun, 5 Dec 2010, Ciaran McCreesh wrote:
> That whole section was written before Portage got parallel jobs > support, and was based around what ebuilds were actually doing. > Portage's parallel jobs break those rules, and this has caused all > kinds of weirdness.
> The implications are *supposed* to be that if you want to do parallel > builds, you build binary packages in parallel (being sure to only run > one lot of pkg_ functions at once), and then install those binary > packages (the usual way, so rerunning pkg_setup) serially.
> Instead, Portage just installs directly, and has a whole load of > convoluted hacks to try to avoid breakage. These don't actually work, > but the bugs are hidden often enough that you can often go for quite a > long time before you end up screwing your system up... In particular, > Portage assumes that if a and b aren't in any way dependent upon each > other, then they're not going to do anything to / that's going to break > the other one, which isn't true.
Thank you for your quick response, but this doesn't answer my questions:
>> Why is the second item needed? Changes to DISTDIR don't alter other >> packages, so aren't they covered by the first item anyway? Or do I >> misunderstand the first item's first sentence?
>> Which of the following examples count as "variancy"? >> - Calling enewuser() in pkg_setup, >> - Removing orphan files in pkg_setup, >> - Calling pkg_pretend.


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