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From: oxi <oxiroxt@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-portage-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-portage-dev] Sugestion
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 05:14:30
1 Hello and forgive me if this isn't the right place to post my sugestion.
3 Surely it has been sugested before, or there are currently plans to implement
4 it. If this is the case, then again, my apologies.
6 To the point:
7 Suppose you want to merge lots of packages, (maybe in an upgrade) then it's
8 half-way from completing and some package crashes. All of the remaining
9 packages did not get to merge! So why not?:
10 1)remove crashed package from the list of packages to be merged but hold its
11 name in a list of "crashed packages"
13 2)recalculate dependencies of remaining packages to be merged
15 3)if some of the remaining packages depend on a "crashed package" (or
16 a "non-installable" one), remove from the list of packages to be merged and
17 hold its name in a list of "non-installable packages"
19 4)loop from 2) until only "installable packages" remain
21 5)proceed to install them as usual, and if some of them crashes, well, go to
22 1) again.
24 6)When all is merged, show a result table. Maybe something like:
25 " xx packages merged, xx packages failed to merge, xx packages depend on
26 some of the packages that failed to merge, thus couldn't be merged either.
27 For information on packages that weren't merged type emerge --failed "
29 7)Then one types "emerge --failed" and something like this shows up:
30 " ### Packages which failed to merge ###
31 ### Package name - error log ###
32 =sys-apps/blah-blah-2.0 - errorlogfile1
33 etc.
34 .
35 .
36 .
38 ### Packages which couldn't be merged ###
39 ### Package name - depends on ###
40 =x11-misc/bleh-bleh-4.2 - =sys-apps/blah-blah-2.0
41 etc.
42 "
43 Probably there's no need for a step 7, but I feel it's more elegant than just
44 outputing all that after emerge finishes. I'm also conscious that this may be
45 harder to implement since you need to write the "crashed and non-installed
46 packages" data in some file or db.
48 I've been reading through the code, but besides I have no experience with
49 python, I couldn't understand much. It's all just too long to keep track of
50 it all, and i'm not a good programer anyway. So I just give up on trying to
51 do it myself, surely I wouldn't accomplish it in 1000 years anyway.
53 If this sugestion has already been proposed, I'd really like to know when is
54 it expected to be released.
56 Thanks for your time, and regards,
57 oxi
58 --
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