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From: Paul Varner <gentoo-portage-dev@××××××××××××.org>
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Subject: [gentoo-portage-dev] Feature Request for portage
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 05:04:46
Message-Id: 1076475878.3145.22.camel@garath.local.domain
1 Background: I have been bitten a couple of times by ebuilds adding USE
2 flags to newer versions of the ebuild. This has caused me to break
3 things on my system when performing a package upgrade through portage.
5 Example: pam-0.77 introduced the pwdb USE flag, which wasn't used in the
6 previous ebuild. Thus when I upgraded, I rebuilt PAM without pwdb
7 support and broke the ability of the qpopper program to authenticate
8 users on my email server. The previous version of the ebuild compiled in
9 support for pwdb without a USE flag, so the flag was not set on my
10 system to be used, as I was unaware of the need for it.
12 Solution: Enable the pwdb USE flag and recompile PAM. Unfortunately,
13 the machine this broke on is a lowly Pentium 266, so compiling PAM takes
14 about 30-40 minutes.
16 Proposed feature: When doing an emerge -pv, display some indication that
17 a USE flag is changed in the new version of the ebuild. Since I always
18 run an emerge -pv to verify settings, this would help to catch the
19 situations where a USE flag has been changed between ebuilds. This
20 would serve as an indicator that I need to do some research on the
21 possible changes to functionality to the package before upgrading the
22 package.
24 Going to the 20,000 foot level I would state the requirement is that
25 portage should have the capability to track and display USE flag changes
26 between versions of ebuilds.
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