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From: Sebastian Luther <SebastianLuther@×××.de>
To: gentoo-portage-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-portage-dev] [RFC] Store [,R,P]DEPEND with unevaluated use conditionals in vdb
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 12:45:28
1 Hi everyone!
3 Some weeks ago [1] portage changed its behavior regarding what gets
4 stored as *DEPEND in the vdb. The curret behavior is to store the
5 *DEPEND variables with evaluated use conditionals. That is, if the
6 package has DEPEND="foo? ( cat/pkg2 )", either DEPEND="cat/pkg2" or
7 DEPEND="" end up in the vdb, depending on the state of the use flag 'foo'.
8 The old behavior was to store the unevaluated string. In the example
9 above DEPEND="foo? ( cat/pkg2 )" would have been stored in the vdb.
11 I propose to revert back to the original behavior.
13 What is the proposed change good for?
15 I see two reason. The first one more ideological and reads: "Don't throw
16 away information for no good reason". I say for no good reason, because
17 the evaluated value is easy to compute for users of the portage api,
18 where the unevaluated value is lost.
20 The second reason is that I want it to detect cases where the *DEPEND
21 variables have been changed without rev bump. To do this I want to
22 compare the *DEPEND string of the ebuild and the installed package.
24 Why can't you use the evaluated *DEPEND string?
26 Form time to time ebuilds get use flags added to IUSE without rev bump.
27 If the new use flags are used in *DEPEND variables and I evaluate the
28 use conditionals based on the enabled use flags of the installed
29 package, I'll always treat the newly added use flag as disabled. The
30 problem is that this might be wrong.
31 Consider this example:
32 installed package:
33 IUSE=""
35 ebuild:
36 IUSE="some_feature"
37 RDEPEND="some_feature? ( cat/pkg2 )"
38 Assume the RDEPEND of the installed package is wrong, that is it should
39 have had cat/pkg2 in RDEPEND. After the maintainer noticed that, he
40 added a flag to disable the feature that needs cat/pkg2. Since
41 some_feature will be treated as disabled when the use conditionals in
42 the ebuild's RDEPEND are evaluated, RDEPEND will look unchanged. That
43 means portage won't pick up the change when it should.
45 Someone might come up with some logic to detect new use flags in
46 *DEPEND, but this looks like a hack to me. The clean solution is to
47 store the unevaluated string.
49 Question is: Does anyone have a good argument to not use the old
50 behavior again?
52 Sebastian
54 [1] commit e6be6590e99522f9be69e2af8eff87919d9bf31f on 2010-02-14