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From: Jeremy Maitin-Shepard <jbms@g.o>
To: gentoo-portage-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-portage-dev] portage-ng ideas
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 18:50:38
1 I have the following ideas for portage-ng requirements. If one or more
2 of them has already been stated and/or discussed, please disregard it.
4 - More powerful functionality during the merge phase than simple file
5 and directory creation/replacement. Specifically, it would be
6 useful to support other actions like user or group creation.
7 Furthermore, it would be useful to support addition of new `action'
8 types (without modifying portage code), i.e. in an ebuild or an
9 eclass or some other system designed for this purpose. This would
10 be useful for things such as the emacs site lisp, /etc/init.d/
11 scripts, kernel modules, /etc/env.d/ scripts, /etc/modules.d/
12 scripts. The current practice for init.d, env.d and modules.d seems
13 to be to rebuild the cached files relating to these directories
14 after every package merge; support of `custom' `action' types would
15 be a more elegant solution.
17 - Possibly improving efficiency by creating a portage temporary
18 directory (or allow the user to create and specify the existence of
19 such a directory) on each filesystem (or on several filesystem) to
20 which portage will install files. By using bind mounts, the image
21 temp directory could be constructed so that the files that will be
22 installed on a particular filesystem for which there is a temporary
23 directory would be installed in the portage temporary directory of
24 that filesystem. This would allow the merge phase to create hard
25 links (or move) rather than copying, which would be faster and allow
26 for less temporary use of disk space. I realize though that the
27 implementation difficulty of this might outweigh the advantages.
28 Furthermore, it might be problematic if portage did not auto-clean
29 (auto-delete) the files with link counts > 1. Now that I consider
30 this though, I realize that during the build phase, files will be
31 installed in a temporary directory on a different filesystem, and so
32 there is still the need to copy.
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35 Jeremy Maitin-Shepard
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