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From: Mikey <mikey@×××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-portage-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-portage-dev] Custom eclass question
Date: Sun, 09 Oct 2005 23:58:23
1 I recently posted a question in the Portage & Programming forum and was told
2 that this mailing list might be the place to go. Any help would be greatly
3 appreciated.
5 I have a custom in-house web based source code/packaging repository system
6 that I need to integrate into ebuilds. It is kind of like a funky cvs
7 system. Source code and packages are all viewed or downloaded via a
8 browser.
10 For example, to retrieve a gzipped tarball of a package named "mypackage"
11 from the repository looks like:
15 On any standard browser (konqueror, IE, firefox) this would retrieve a file
16 named "mypackage.tar.gz".
18 Here is where my problem starts, and why I believe a custom eclass might be
19 my best route.
21 The utility that fetches packages via emerge mangles the resulting file
22 name, as well as wget (does emerge use wget?). When fetching the above url,
23 emerge or wget saves the file as "package_ids.php?action=package&id=10105".
24 This of course throws a wrench into my use of custom ebuilds :)
26 Currently I route around the problem with a stupid hack in my ebuilds:
28 ##mypackage-20051006.ebuild
29 #MY_P="mypackage.tar.gz"
30 #DESCRIPTION="My example package"
32 #SRC_URI=""
33 #RESTRICT="fetch nostrip"
34 #...snip...
35 #src_install() {
36 # wget "${HOMEPAGE}" -O ${WORKDIR}/${MY_P} || die "could not fetch
37 #distfile"
38 # cd ${WORKDIR} || die "cd ${WORKDIR}"
39 # tar xfz ${MY_P} || die "Failed to extract ${MY_P}"
40 # mv "${WORKDIR}/etc" "${D}/" || die "mv etc"
41 # mv "${WORKDIR}/var" "${D}/" || die "mv /var"
42 #}
44 What I would like to do is create a custom elcass that allows me to replace
45 the "standard" ebuild package fetching routines. It would need to:
47 1) Check that the source tarball does not already exist.
48 2) If the correct source tarball does not already exist, fetch it using
49 something like wget -O source.tar.gz
50 3) Rename source.tar.gz to ${DISTDIR}/${PN}-${PV}.tar.gz
52 My problem is that I cannot seem to locate where any package fetching
53 routines are in any of the existing eclasses to use as a template. Another
54 thing I am curious about, will custom eclasses in PORTDIR_OVERLAY work
55 correctly (assuming they are written correctly).
57 If anyone could point me in the right direction I would certainly appreciate
58 it.


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