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From: Jason Stubbs <jstubbs@g.o>
To: gentoo-portage-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-portage-dev] The road ahead...
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 04:45:12
1 Since I've fallen into the terrible pit of "trying to make everybody happy"
2 and since IRC sucks for making decisions due to lack of continuity, let's
3 battle it out here. ;)
5 Where we're at:
7 branches/2.0/
8 Branch from which releases are being made. Very stable as far as portage goes.
10 branches/savior/
11 Rewrite which will eventually become 3.0. Still in the early stages.
13 trunk/
14 I think Brian summed it up quite well. A lot of experimentation, some
15 haphazard refactoring, some well done refactoring, some incomplete features
16 and some completed features. Currently quite buggy.
18 At an estimate, trunk would take at least 3 months of dedicated work to
19 stabilize. Given the fact that it will be obsoleted by savior, it would not
20 be economical to focus our efforts there. That leaves us with savior, 2.0 and
21 a set of refactorings and features. Savior is easy enough. Keep working on it
22 until it's ready. ;)
24 Which leaves us with 2.0 and a set of refactorings and features. I think it's
25 pretty much decided that these will be backported to 2.0. The only question
26 at this stage is when. The only complicating factor here is the current 225
27 open bug reports. That and what to call 2.0+refactorings+features.
29 So, there's pretty much three ways we can go:
31 1) Backport refactorings+features and release.
32 2) Fix more bugs, backport refactorings+features and release.
33 3) Fix more bugs, release, backport refactorings+features and release.
35 There's still a lot of bugs that can be fixed without too much work, so I'd
36 like to go with 2) or 3). I was thinking to go with 3) with the backported
37 stuff being named 2.1.0, which is how we arrived at this thread.
39 Anyway, flame-war time. :D
41 --
42 Jason Stubbs
43 --
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