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From: tvali <qtvali@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-portage-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-portage-dev] Hello! && portage UI
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 22:41:07
1 Hello!
3 I am thinking about making user interface for portage.
5 I see the possibility to browse portage tree, turning different filters on
6 and off, as it's most important feature. I dont think that it should contain
7 any functions for updating, emerging or unmerging or syncing at it's
8 beginning, as i think that i havent used portage long enough to make a clear
9 design of such a tool.
11 Anyway, package browser would be usable for me as a new user of portage.
13 I describe shortly, what i see as it's functionality:
14 * General UI, which looks like a classical e-mail client with folder-list on
15 left panel, mail-list on top and one e-mail on bottom. Additionally, top and
16 bottom panel should be together in right panel.
17 * Left panel contains 2 main folders -- one is to access folders in
18 /usr/portage/, another contains keywords like kdebase-meta (or kde-base) --
19 which has packages like kdegraphics-meta inside it (click +). This other
20 tree should be hand-made tree + "others" folder, last containing all package
21 groups, which are not included in this tree. At least, i think that
22 automation may not be possible -- it depends on structure, which i dont
23 know.
24 * Right panel, which contains tabs -- first tab is for top/bottom panels,
25 other are web browsers (konqueror).
26 * Top panel contains package list like detailed view of folders
27 * Botton panel contains details -- also button for opening www-address of
28 package in new tab.
29 + there should be search feature.
30 + some special folders should be added: --update world, which contains all
31 outdated packages jpc. As it would be slow, portage or this UI should be
32 cache such things and clean this cache when --sync happens.
34 It is possible that integration into Konqueror could be simple and usable
35 (like portage:/ protocol).
37 In future, additional features like tray-icon for autosync and
38 notifications, also adding packages to world and removing, could be
39 considered; code should be build in such way that is would be possible to
40 add them later in different ways.
42 --
43 tvali
44 (e-mail: "qtvali@×××××.com"; msn: "qtvali@×××××.com";
45 icq: "317-492-912")
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